NEO Global Development (NGD) is hosting the NEO Game Conference in Tokyo, Japan on March 9th and 10th. The conference is a free two-day event that will exhibit the ‘next generation’ of games, host panel discussions, and hold a ‘Game Ideathon.’ Representatives from various NEO projects will also be in attendance as exhibitors, including the development group O3 Labs, the game platform BlaCat, and the developers of NeoLand.

NNT Catch Up

A recap of speeches delivered by NEO co-founders, Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, at NEO DevCon 2019 highlighted NEO 3.0 milestones intended to improve the usability and flexibility of the blockchain. Alongside protocol refinements, Da explained that new modules must be integrated to allow NEO to meet all the various user and developer requirements. Zhang’s presentation outlined other possible feature implementations for NEO 3.0.

NEO Core Developer, Jeff Solinsky (aka Jsolman), spoke with NEO News Today’s (NNT) Brett Rhodes about improvements to the core protocol, consensus development, and the endgame for NEO version 2.0. Solinksy was officially named as a NEO Core Developer in January of 2019, and states “a lot of my time now is going to be [spent] as a core dev [for NEO].”

Developer Groups

Neow3j founder Dr. Guil. Sperb Machado discussed the project with NNT at NEO DevCon 2019. Neow3j is a Java library that aims to provide secure and reliable integration to NEO nodes/clients. Additionally, it is built to support Android API level 24, which currently covers approximately 49% of active Android devices, equalling roughly one billion. Dr. Sperb is aiming for neow3j to support full smart contract functionality by the end of Q2 2019.

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released its bi-weekly progress report highlighting the beginning of the NEO Name Service dApp decentralized exchange design phase, a variety of updates to the Teemo extension wallet, preparations for NEO-CLI 2.9.5, and the development of the BlaCat exchange, among other updates.


February 25th,‘s creator and NNT team member, Vincent G., participated in an interview with NNT’s Colin Closser. Topics of discussion include Vincent’s flagship creation and maneuvering through the NEO ecosystem’s APIs, documentation, and a wide range of programming languages.

February 26th, the NEO Economy Store launched a marketplace for NEO Smart Economy project merchandise. The O3 dAPI powers the store, which is accessible through the O3 mobile app or via a desktop browser.

February 27th, Conjure released metrics for its upcoming security token offering. The team opted to delay its February 2019 token sale, and shift to a security token offering (STO) “in response to the current legal landscape” for token sales. July 31st, 2019 is the tentative launch date for Conjure Alpha, which aims to integrate video, text, and message board content.

February 27th, PikcioChain announced a dual airdrop and trading competition event in conjunction with Switcheo Exchange. A total of 500,000 PKC tokens will be given away during the event. The trading competition will take place from March 4th to March 25th.

February 27th, Moonlight and the NEO Smart Economy were participants at the Colorado Blockchain Day at the Capitol. NEO News Today’s Dylan Grabowski and Moonlight’s Tyler Adams staffed tables and spoke with event attendees. The event took place to help Colorado legislators better understand blockchain and its impact on the local economy.

February 28th, Switcheo announced Switcheo OTC, a trustless over-the-counter (OTC) trading service which launched on March 4th. The non-custodial service will “securely execute peer-to-peer trades of digital tokens that Switcheo cannot form a market for.” Upon launch, Switcheo offers a limited selection of tokens and does not support for cross-chain trading.

March 1st, Alchemint released its monthly progress report for February. The report highlighted an increase in the overall mortgage rate and overall SDUSD issued. Additionally, Ledger Wallet Support has been scheduled to go live on March 4th.

March 1st, Moonlight announced a T-Shirt Design Contest where top-ranked participants will share a reward pool. Registration for the event ends on Sunday, March 14th. Moonlight will announce the winners on March 21st.


March 4th: NEO-ONE developer workshop – Seattle

March 9th & 10th: NEO Game Conference – Tokyo

April 8th – 10th: NEO developer workshop – Zürich