Poly Network announced it is integrating support for Binance Smart Chain, increasing its cross-chain network to eight blockchains. The endeavor is part of a new partnership agreement with Binance Smart Chain, aimed at providing further liquidity to assets in the Binance ecosystem by making it possible to use them on a greater range of platforms. Once complete, the implementation will allow applications and tokens on BSC to connect with and transfer across to other participating blockchains.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today hosted O3 Labs lead business developer Alexander DiGirolamo on the NNT podcast. Discussion topics include how building a multi-chain wallet can help capture market share, navigating market sentiment, next steps for O3 Labs, and much more.

In the interview, DiGirolamo outlined how O3 Labs is increasing access to new users by including Bitcoin and Ethereum functionality in the O3 Wallet. Looking forward, the company will focus on collaboration and interoperability. O3 Labs developers will continue working closely with Neo Global Development on Flamingo Finance and the team is researching interoperability projects like Polkadot.

NGD Enterprise head John deVadoss published an article introducing the benefits of a test-driven development approach. After introducing the paradigm, deVadoss broke down how the techniques can reduce the time spent debugging and what the team is doing to bring TDD to Neo blockchain developers. The new testing architecture can be found under the neo-test repository.

Developer Groups

NEXT announced an update to NeoTube, which became the first Neo blockchain explorer to support Neo3 Preview4. Preview4 is a development version of Neo’s next evolution, allowing the latest upgrades and new features to be more easily explored by developers. In addition to NeoTube, the NEXT community has adapted its mobile and web NeoLine wallets to Preview4.


Jan. 11, Nash made various platform updates, including support for watching addresses, the introduction of NEX swap e2e, changes to ETH related trading functions, and more.

Jan. 12, Switcheo began allowing community members to contribute custom TradeHub Improvement Proposals for vote.

Jan. 13, Nash made various platform updates, including improvements to its order book and exchange UX, fixes to issues that delayed NEO/GAS withdrawals, changes to make settlement balance syncs more fee-efficient, plus more.

Jan. 13, O3 Labs announced the impending decommissioning of the “O3 Wallet Basic” app and urged users to download the latest O3 Wallet.

Jan. 13, Demex integrated Ledger support for users with all trading and liquidity functions and released a user guide.

Jan. 13, Nash announced plans to establish an official CEO position as part of its internal reorganization efforts. In the interim, co-founders Fabian Wahle and Ethan Fast will act as co-CEO until the candidate is found.

Jan. 15, Nash League concluded its month-long trading competition, which generated approximately $79.43 million in trading volume and $55,000 in prizes.

Jan. 16, DeepBrain Chain released a fortnightly report, which noted it currently has 638 GPUs on the DBC network and nearly 16,400 users.


Jan. 18: Da Hongfei to join panel at Asian Financial Forum.

Jan. 20: Neo Foundation to join O3 Live AMA on Telegram.

Jan. 22: QLC Chain AMA on official Telegram channel.