Neo announced it is joining the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), part of China’s national initiative designed to boost the integration and adoption of blockchain in enterprise, small business, and local government.

Neo is among the first batch of public blockchain platforms to partner with BSN and aims to become one of the technological pillars of the service network. At the core of the partnership, both entities share a common vision of mass adoption by creating a smarter economy for the 21st century. Neo and BSN intend to do so by removing high barriers to developing blockchain-based solutions and creating a smoother development experience.

Neo and Moonstake announced a partnership, signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to “bolster staking activity and accelerate mainstream adoption.”

Neo Foundation (NF) technologist, Steven Liu, and Neo Global Development (NGD) Ecosystem Growth Zurich director, Lili Zhao, participated in an online discussion with the University of Zurich. The discussion, entitled Deep Dive into Blockchain, offered an overview of Neo’s technology and economic model, as well as those of other blockchain projects. announced it is listing NEO on its exchange platform on July 28th. An equivalent of US $500,000 NEO will be made available to users at a 50% discount for a 24-hour period through its Syndicate platform.  NGD Ecosystem Growth director, John Wang, will participate in an ask me anything (AMA) on’s official Telegram channel, following the listing.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today (NNT) released an article that detailed the Neo ecosystem’s outreach efforts into academia. In Q1 and Q2 2020, NNT reached out to the Neo Foundation (NF), neow3j, NeoResearch, and Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) to discuss their involvement in the academic sector and subsequent goals.

NNT released an article about the Token Taxonomy Framework (TTF) that highlighted new potential applications and digital business models, and how tokens may revolutionize the way people do business by ousting intermediaries, bypassing physical borders, and reducing cost in the process. The article addressed the need for tokenization standards and how token formulas can help design specific tokens.

GhostMarket launched a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace and explorer with cross-chain support for Phantasma and Neo. The market and NFT explorer was designed and created by Ghostdevs, an open-source developer community in the Phantasma ecosystem. Neo ecosystem projects currently supported include Blockchain Cuties, 0xRacers, and 0xWarriors. Currently, GhostMarket only features PrivateNet support for the Neo blockchain, aiming for a Neo2 MainNet launch no later than August 2020.

Developer Groups

NEXT made a call for translators following an update to the NeoTube blockchain explorer. The translation campaign is a one-time event and is currently underway to add multi-lingual support to NeoTube. NEXT is seeking contributors from the community that natively speak and can provide translations in Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, French, Japanese, or Korean.


July 21st,, a custodial exchange, listed NEO perpetual swaps, which allows users to trade up to 75x leverage.

July 21st, Switcheo integrated support for NeoLine, allowing users to trade on the non-custodial exchange directly through the Chrome wallet extension.

July 21st, a Nash community member built and released an in-browser, non-custodial market maker bot using Nash’s Typescript SDK.

July 22nd, QLC Chain updated its MainNet to v1.4, which reduced the ledger size by 3x, improved transactions per second by 20%, included support for private transactions and permissioned control, reduced CPU load by 50% for peer-to-peer message signature mechanism, plus more.

July 23rd, TranslateMe released an article offering an overview of why the project integrated blockchain and how it will use TMN tokens to rewards users who vote on translation suggestions.

July 23rd, Switcheo co-founders, Ivan Poon and Jack Yeu, discussed the upcoming Switcheo TradeHub chain in an AMA session on the Get Rich with Mandy Telegram channel. Discussion topics included the proposed utility of the SWTH token, future support for other blockchain networks, plus more.

July 23rd, Switcheo integrated support for WalletConnect, which allows users to connect with various wallets that utilize its protocol, such as Trust Wallet, Argent Wallet, and imToken, among many others.

July 24th, Switcheo and NeoLine participated in an AMA conducted in Mandarin on the official Neo WeChat channel.

July 24th, Novem’s NNN gold-backed token was listed on the Probit custodial trading platform.

Token Listings

Huobi Futures launched NEO perpetual swaps.

NEO to list on Syndicate fundraising platform.

Novem’s NNN token listed on Probit.

Switcheo listed five DeFi-based tokens.


July 28th: John Wang to participate in AMA on official Telegram channel