Neo Frontier Launchpad workshops kicked off on June 19, 2021, with an Introduction to Contract Development on Neo and Q&A session hosted by COZ co-founder, Tyler Adams. The Zoom-based event was the first of four planned over six days to assist participants in the Development phase of the Launchpad. Neo Global Development, Neo SPCC, and NGD Enterprise will also host workshops on DeFi, NeoFS, and NFT development, respectively. The following workshops will take place on June 21, 22, and 25, 2021. 

Neo Global Development announced a global community video competition to raise awareness of the forthcoming Neo N3 MainNet launch. NGD will select 11 winning entries and compile them into a single video. Interested individuals have until Wednesday, June 30, 2021, to submit their final video. NGD will review all submissions July 1 through July 9 and release the winning videos when Neo N3 MainNet launches.

StackOS announced it will contribute an equivalent of US $28,000 in rewards for select participants in the Neo Frontier Launchpad. Additionally, StackOS stated that every Launchpad participant can deploy to StackOS’ decentralized cloud and receive a grant equivalent to US $50 in computing resources.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today hosted COZ special projects engineer, Joe Stewart, on episode 55 of the NNT podcast. Topics of discussion included how the Neo development experience has evolved since 2017, the COZ Flyby hackathon, the Neo Frontier Launchpad, and much more.

In the conversation, Stewart talked about how he helps developers when they first start building on Neo by answering questions and providing useful examples. Looking forward, he will lend his expertise and knowledge to participants of the Neo Frontier Launchpad.

Neo News Today added a new smart contract rank feature to the nDapp Neo application discovery platform. The Contracts View page has been added to the dApps exploration section, allowing users to browse individual smart contract activity. The new feature addition is the first significant update since the platform’s 2021 relaunch, which included an updated design and new methods for exploring network activity. Neo N3 support has also been completed and is ready to go live upon launch of the N3 MainNet.

Neo SPCC published an updated version of its Go node for RC3. The v0.95.2 update fixes state mismatches discovered on TestNet and adds some new tests and features. Following the latest update, NeoGo nodes are confirmed to have correct state against the core C# implementation for the full height of the N3 TestNet chain. Another notable improvement is the extension of the RPC notification subsystem with subscriptions for the notary service events.

Neo SPCC announced that users can begin contributing storage capacity to the NeoFS decentralized storage network. By storing data, storage nodes offer a service to NeoFS users and receive compensation in GAS. The team released an article that explains how anyone can set up and deploy a NeoFS storage node for use during the N3 TestNet. Neo SPCC walks through the steps needed to prepare a NeoFS deploy a storage node in the guide.

NGD Enterprise released a sample N3 application as a starting point for Neo developers. Built as an homage to the .NET Pet Shop created when .NET originally launched, the Neo Pet Shop includes a smart contract with a React-based frontend, which together allow users to adopt and feed virtual pets.

Developer Groups

COZ released a new version of neo-mamba, which included N3 RC3 and wallet support for Python developers, and a new version of neo-boa, enabling faster compiling for Python-based smart contracts.

AxLabs released neow3j v3.11.2, bringing its Java SDK, devpack, and compiler up to date with N3 RC3. Updates to the code examples have also been included where relevant, ensuring they are ready for use by Neo Frontier Launchpad participants.


June 15, QLC Chain hosted an AMA with chief architect, Allen Lee, who discussed the role of QGAS and QLC in the ecosystem, plans to integrate DEXs into the platform, and more. 

June 15, Switcheo proposed TIP-14, which seeks to make the cross-chain wrapper module more generic instead of SWTH-specific, along with other fixes. The vote reached the necessary threshold to move forward. 

June 16, O3 Labs conducted a second airdrop of O3 tokens to Binance Smart Chain users. The team noted that the remaining 3.5 million O3 tokens will be distributed when migrated to Neo N3 and other networks.

June 16, O3 Labs announced the O3 Swap platform reached approximately US $300 million in total value locked. 

June 17, GhostMarket announced it had integrated NFT minting onto Neo N3 TestNet and updated its blockchain explorer to include NFT tracking on N3. GhostMarket’s support for Neo’s NEP-11 NFT standard offers partial functionality, allowing developers to mint, burn, and transfer NFTs. Looking forward, GhostMarket aims to integrate trading capabilities for NFTs on N3 TestNet in July 2021.

June 18, Switcheo released an ERC-20 version of the SWTH token.

Token Listings

The MEXC custodial exchange listed the O3 token.


June 22: Neo Colorado is hosting an informal meetup.