Neo Global Development released the Neo Global Monthly Report for October 2020, noting the fourth anniversary of the Neo MainNet launch. It also outlined Neo3 progress, including community developer products, preparation for the final milestone before TestNet, the final development stages of the governance and economic model, plus much more.

NGD Ecosystem Growth director, John Wang, participated in an Ask Me Anything alongside Yuan Tan, tech lead for Poly Network and Henry Ma, chief technology officer of Blockchain-based Service Network. The AMA was held to highlight the recent integration of Poly Network’s new Poly Enterprise into BSN to facilitate cross-chain transactions.

Developer Groups

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center released an article offering an in-depth comparison between its decentralized object storage system, NeoFS, with Filecoin. The comparison introduces the major architectural differences between the two projects, such as how data is stored, paid for, and accessed on each network. The article began with an overview of how each network operates. It went on to cover the ability of each solution to work with objects, noting the disparity in estimated speed of placing data, and the presence of unique features in NeoFS.

COZ released v2.6.0 of the Neon Wallet for desktop. The new version includes a number of design enhancements to reflect COZ’s recent brand update. It also provides new pieces of functionality, including a reset button for the network configuration, support for automatic over-the-air updates, and changes to ensure compatibility with Neon mobile.

O3 Labs announced the launch of the O3 Labs Chinese Community, which will primarily focus on developing and distributing user guides for resolving issues with O3 products.


November 11th, Switcheo’s SWTH token was listed on Flamingo Finance with an SWTH/nNEO trading pair. Users can earn FLM rewards by providing liquidity to the SWTH/nNEO liquidity pool.

November 11th, TranslateMe surpassed 2,000 translators on its marketplace as the team released its third translation model, Russian-to-English. Though the Russian model is in its early stages, TranslateMe purported to have received positive feedback from community translators. TranslateMe is looking for more contributors and voters, and is encouraging multilingual users to register on the marketplace and contribute to the translation models.

November 12th, QLC Chain released its bi-weekly report, which highlighted the listing of its QLC token on Bittrex Global custodial exchange, an AMA on the official Binance Telegram channel, approval of its blockchain-based billing proposal to the Metro Ethernet Forum, and QWallet update.

November 12th, Alchemint released its monthly report for October 2020, which highlighted a decrease in SDUSD issuance correlating with NEO’s price, the launch of the SDS NEP-5 to ERC-20 portal, and an FLM airdrop.

November 12th, Switcheo noted more than US $800,000 in SWTH had been staked within the first 24-hours of the token’s listing on Flamingo Finance.

November 14th, Nash released an episode of the Beyond the Chain podcast with Anita Posch of Bitcoin and Co Podcast to discuss financial inclusion, democratizing Bitcoin, and more.


December 9th – 12th: NeoFS to speak at SmartData data engineering conference.