Neo Global Development (NGD) released its monthly report for August 2020, outlining project milestones, marketing efforts, and overall progress of ecosystem projects. Highlights included the release of Neo3 Preview3, the launch of Poly Network interoperability protocol alliance, and the announcement of the Flamingo DeFi protocol.

NGD announced Flamincome, dubbed as an “ultimate yield booster” on the Ethereum network that returns rewards to users on the Neo and Ethereum blockchains. Flamincome is tentatively expected to launch on Wednesday, September 23rd. Additionally, NGD released an FAQ to answer common questions that have arisen since the announcement of Flamingo.

NGD released a new version of the core Neo2 node client, neo-cli v2.12.1, which has since been deployed by consensus node operators to the Neo2 MainNet. The latest update includes adjustments to the transaction priority mechanism, free GAS discount, and block size limit. The primary change in v2.12.0 is an increase in the free GAS discount on system fees from 10 to 50 GAS. The increase to 50 accommodates the upcoming Flamingo DeFi platform. The included protocol changes will go into effect at block height 6,200,000.

Neo founder, Da Hongfei, participated in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the official Flamingo Discord Channel to discuss the Flamingo protocol and module roadmap, how to participate in the Mint Rush, and more.

NGD Ecosystem Growth director, John Wang, participated in an AMA on the Free Coins 24 Community to discuss Neo and the Flamingo DeFi protocol.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today (NNT) hosted COZ co-founder, Tyler Adams, on episode 40 of the NNT podcast. In this episode, the discussion focused on COZ’s rebrand and core products, as well as a look back at the Antshares era and COZ’s historical role within the Neo community.

NNT hosted Stanislav Bogatyrev, CIO and co-founder of Neo Saint Petersburg Competence Center, on Byzant, a series that provides insider perspectives from knowledgeable individuals in the Neo ecosystem and broader blockchain industry. In the discussion, Bogatyrev spoke about the potential use cases for the NeoFS decentralized, distributed object storage platform, and how it can be practically applied from the individual to enterprise scale.

Developer Groups

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) released an article documenting the latest Neo3 performance test results following recent improvements to its open benchmarking platform, neo-bench. In the article, the team assessed the potential for Neo to pass the previously theoretical 10,000 TPS as they explore areas to optimize for improved transaction throughput in Neo3 nodes. The performance tests were run in controlled single- and four-node consensus setups, using thirty worker threads to send a total of one million transactions.

O3 Labs is hosting a week-long ask me anything (AMA) in collaboration with Switcheo via Twitter, which will run from September 17th through September 23rd.


September 14th, Switcheo announced Everstake will be joining the TradeHub network as a validator. Currently, Everstake operates in 15 proof of stake (PoS) and PoS-based blockchain networks.

September 14th, Nash announced the European launch of Nash Cash, its native fiat-to-cryptocurrency onramp and offramp. Nash Cash currently enables the buying and selling of USDC to and from the Euro (EUR). Purchased assets are deposited to a user’s trading account on Nash Exchange within 24-hours. Looking forward, Nash anticipates adding purchase support for BTC, ETH, and NEO, and accepting payments via credit card.

September 15th, 0xGames announced it is closing its doors and will preserve its games in a maintenance only capacity. 0xGames is ending the sale of all in-game items across its portfolio as it moves its projects to an “autonomous state.” 0xWarriors was the first game to receive Neo integration, followed by 0xRacers. Both games featured NFTs on the Neo blockchain, although less than 100 were minted.

September 16th, O3 Labs announced a partnership with Blockchain Cuties, entailing an upcoming giveaway contest, and the forthcoming addition of a non-fungible token (NFT) collection in the O3 Wallet.

September 17th, Switcheo concluded its Demex trading challenge and notified the top 10 traders of their rewards.

September 17th, Nash released a Beyond the Chain podcast episode with Beniamin Mincu, founder and CEO of Elrond Network, to discuss scaling, sharding, working during a pandemic, and more.


October 6th – 7th: Da Hongfei will speak at LA Blockchain Summit virtual conference.