Neo ecosystem representatives spoke at Coin Telegraph’s conference, Epicenter, which focused on Web 3.0 and cryptocurrency.  Neo co-founder Da Hongfei delivered an opening talk and Neo Global Development Zürich lead, Lili Zhao, delivered a keynote speech on Neo N3. Additionally, Flamingo Finance lead Odd Jørgen Røland participated on a panel alongside Zhao.

NGD Zürich lead Lili Zhao was interviewed by BeInCrypto at the WebSummit 2021 conference in Lisbon, Portugal. In the interview, Zhao discussed the Neo N3 migration and how N3 offers more features, scalability, efficiency, and a more developer-friendly environment than its competitors.

NGD accepted NekoHit into the N3 Early Adoption Program. NekoHit, conceptualized in the Neo Frontier Launchpad, aims to bring a crowdfunding model for content creators to the Neo ecosystem. The NekoHit platform is designed to connect content creators with individuals who can offer funding on a per-project basis instead of the subscription model used by other solutions such as Patreon. The NekoHit team is also developing a community DAO token called Nekoin. Nekoin will be used to vote on the direction of the platform, such as whether or not to allow creators to change project deadlines.

TranslateMe’s founder Ryan Lloyd joined NGD’s Neo Live AMA series to talk about the instant translation service provider. The AMA was conducted via video, and there is no transcript of the event.

NNT Catch Up

TOTHEMOON and TranslateMe established a strategic cooperation with an initial goal to implement TranslateMe services into TOTHEMOON’s communication channels. This provides TranslateMe additional opportunity to test and validate its services, and helps TOTHEMOON reach a broader global audience. TOTHEMOON anticipates integrating TranslateMe into community platforms as early as Q4 2021.


Nov. 1, GhostMarket announced the completion of its Avalanche integration, now the fifth network supported by the multi-chain NFT marketplace. Users can get started using a WalletConnect-compatible wallet or MetaMask, which can be set up to work with Avalanche. A future update will allow users to deploy their own NFT collections and add support for other ERC-20 tokens and alternate auction types.

Nov. 1, TOTHEMOON held a community meme contest that ran through Nov. 5, 2021. Five winners will each be rewarded with a unique Moon Creature NFT.

Nov. 1, Nash co-founder Ethan Fast stepped down from his role as Chief Research Officer to become the CTO at Vcreate, a startup focusing on the next generation of T-cell immunotherapies. Fast will continue to consult with Nash in an advisory capacity. The announcement followed the addition of two new leadership roles in Sep. 2021, when Nash hired Rob Farmer as Chief Operating Officer and Marc Vekemans as Chief Marketing Officer. Under the direction of the new leadership, Nash will expand and promote Earnings, and integrate cash accounts and debit cards. Nash Earnings is a service that allows European users to deposit Euros and receive interest from participating in Aave, a non-custodial liquidity protocol.

Nov. 1, TranslateMe celebrated its third year, and COZ announced it will help with migrating the translation service provider’s smart contracts from Neo Legacy to N3.

Nov. 1, GhostMarket announced an art contest where participants can compete for up to US $150 in rewards for minting a money/currency-themed NFT on or before Nov. 30.

Nov. 3, Poly Network released its monthly report for Oct. 2021, which reviewed AMAs the team hosted, and also noted that the platform has exceeded $14.1 billion in total trade volume.

Nov. 5, O3 Labs released its monthly report for Oct. 2021, which addressed the development of v2 Swap modules, testing v2’s cross-chain contract, integrating N3 NFT storage support, and participating in the Neo Live AMA series.

Nov. 5, TranslateMe reached 8,000 translators contributing to the instant translations services provider.

Nov. 5, TOTHEMOON announced a Cryptonaut Ideas Contest, which runs through 4:00 p.m. (UTC) on Thursday, Nov. 11. To participate, users must Tweet three ideas for a new Cryptonaut and include additional information detailed in TOTHEMOON’s announcement Tweet.


Nov. 9: Neo Burger contributor, Vang1ong7ang, joining Neo Live AMA series.