Neo Global Monthly Report - General

June 2023

Neo Global Monthly Report - General


June was a vibrant month across the Neo ecosystem. Highlights at Neo included:

  • Continued expansion of the Neo ecosystem by supporting project launches and marketing efforts
  • Steps to enhance token liquidity through listings and migrations and by supporting swaps
  • Continued actions to deliver on Neo’s commitment to broaden our influence within and beyond the blockchain community by forging partnerships, setting plans for key industry conferences, and laying the groundwork to host a new APAC regional hackathon

Please read on for the details.




Neo announces TOKEN2049 sponsorship

Neo announced a sponsorship for the upcoming TOKEN2049 conference. TOKEN2049, set to be the world’s largest Web3 event, will take place in Singapore on September 13–14. Da Hongfei, Founder of Neo, will take the stage to share valuable industry insights and engage in meaningful discussions with fellow industry leaders. Neo will also host a booth, providing a platform for communication and potential collaboration with interested projects.

The recently announced Neo APAC Hackathon, with a total prize pool and grant fund of $1.1 million, will include an exciting Singapore-based event as well: The face-to-face Singapore GAS Station will take place just days before TOKEN2049. We highly encourage you to visit us there on your way to TOKEN2049. Meanwhile, you can explore the hackathon website for competition details and follow Neo on Twitter for timely updates. We eagerly await your presence in any or all offline events across six regional cities: Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangalore, Seoul, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Sponsoring Tribeca Film Festival: Bridging the physical and digital worlds

Neo joined forces with COZ and DegenzWTF to sponsor a film and introduce an exclusive collection of Hollywood NFTs. The NFTs were minted on the Neo blockchain and are associated with physical, original film frames from “Shadow Brother Sunday,” the directorial debut short film by Alden Ehrenreich. These unique collectibles enabled by technology from COZ were unveiled and auctioned for charity during the film’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere afterparty on June 9.

Further, COZ’s cutting-edge OneBand ring, an NFI (non-fungible item), which first debuted at the Neo Consensus 2023 exhibit, enabled buyers to use a simple tap-and-scan method to bid on the film frame collectibles. Like the film frames, this latest use case of OneBand explored the practical convergence of physical and digital assets enabled by blockchain technology. The successful, cross-party collaboration in support of Shadow Brother Sunday embodies another instance of Neo’s commitment to support innovative solutions driven by the projects in the Neo ecosystem.



Exchanges and O3 Swap

GAS/USDT trading pair listed on Huobi

Huobi opened GAS /USDT spot trading at 09:00, UTC, on June 8, 2023, expanding the trading options available to the Neo community and beyond. 2023 marks the sixth year since NEO and GAS tokens were launched on Huobi Pro on December 27, 2017.

NEO and GAS token migration on KuCoin Exchange

KuCoin, one of the major custodial exchanges, migrated Legacy NEO and GAS held on its platform to N3 NEO and GAS at 14:00:00 on June 20, 2023 (UTC), providing more liquidity for NEO holders. Holders did not need to take any action to participate in the migration process, as the Legacy to N3 assets were automatically swapped at a 1:1 ratio. Users can now deposit and withdraw NEP-17 NEO and GAS on Kucoin.

fUSDT, GAS, FLM, bNEO, GM, TIPS, DOGER, CANDY swap between Neo and other 14 chains

With the launch of O3 Swap on Neo N3, users can now swap fUSDT, GAS, FLM, bNEO, GM, TIPS, DOGER, and CANDY across Neo and 14 other chains on O3 Swap. This significantly increases the liquidity of the related tokens and provides Neo N3 users with more accessibility and flexibility.




AMA and quiz contest with Huobi

To celebrate the new GAS/USDT trading pair, John Wang, Head of Eco-Growth, attended a Twitter Space AMA with Huobi to share Neo’s progress and updates. Around 800 people attended the AMA. The AMA also included a quiz contest based on common knowledge of Neo and the NEO and GAS tokens, with $2,000 in prizes awarded.

Cross-chain airdrop in Neo Ecosystem

O3 Labs, Flamingo Finance, Meme2Earn, DogeRift, and Blockchain Cuties teamed up with Neo to commemorate O3 Swap’s launch on Neo N3 by hosting a cross-chain airdrop campaign that rewarded 50 active participants with more than $2,000 worth of tokens and NFTs.

DeFi-Themed Twitter Space panel

Aligned with O3’s launch on Neo N3, Neo hosted a Twitter Spaces discussion among key players in the Neo ecosystem to explore the future of DeFi protocols and the role of O3 Swap on Neo N3 in facilitating cross-chain liquidity bridging. The on-demand recording is available here.

Perlin Finance AMA in Neo’s Telegram channel

Perlin Finance, an omnichain lending protocol launched on Neo N3, hosted its first AMA in Neo’s Telegram channel to introduce the project to the Neo community. Participants who asked high-value questions shared in a prize pool of 100 USDT.

Flamingo in the spotlight at Web3 Berlin

Flamingo Finance hosted a DeFi workshop at Web3 Berlin on June 10, with activities designed to onboard users onto the platform. Participants received US $10 in tokens and learned how to use a Neo wallet and various features on Flamingo.



Neo N3

O3 Swap launched on Neo

O3 Labs, one of the developer communities that originated on the Neo legacy platform, launched O3 Swap on the Neo N3 blockchain on June 20, as noted above. This marks a new milestone in the strategic partnership between Neo and O3 Labs, giving O3 Labs access to an expanded user base in the Neo ecosystem and bringing increased liquidity, accessibility, and flexibility to NEO token holders.

Ecosystem project updates

Neo News Today compiles weekly reports on the progress of various projects across the Neo ecosystem. The reports cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to product updates, NFT/token releases, airdrops, and other market or community activities. Please see below for detailed updates on projects across the Neo ecosystem for the month of June.

  • May 29 — June 4: Flamingo Finance, Quirky Soul College, GrantShares, Perlin Finance.
  • June 5 — June 11: Flamingo Finance, Forthewin Network, DogeRift, Meme2Earn, NGD, Perlin Finance, Frank Coin, O3 Labs, NNT)
  • June 12 — June 18: Flamingo Finance, GhostMarket, Forthewin Network, Neo.
  • June 19 — June 25: O3 Labs, NGD, Perlin Finance, Meme2Earn, Unlocking the Chain, GrantShares, Flamingo Finance, DogeRift.
  • June 26 — July 2: Poly Network, NGD, COZ, O3 Labs, Unlocking the Chain, GrantShares, GhostMarket, Flamingo Finance, Meme2Earn, Neo SPCC.



The Neo APAC Hackathon Awaits You

As mentioned above, Neo is hosting the Neo APAC Hackathon across 6 regional cities. Registration is live now. The competition includes opportunities for both online and offline participants, with a prize pool of $120,000 and a post-hackathon grant fund of $1 million. We invite all Web3 enthusiasts to join us online, offline, or both to forge connections that can support you along your journey to explore the Web3 world!

Register here:

Register for the Tokyo GAS Station:

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