Neo Global Development hosted a Polaris Workshop event that focused on utilizing Neo’s distributed storage network. Neo community developer Alex Walker delivered a presentation entitled An Adventure using NeoFS.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today launched the Smart Economy Podcast, a new production designed to deliver insights from subject matter experts from all facets of the blockchain space. The Smart Economy Podcast will feature both individual and multi-episode series that explore key topics across the industry. Each series will likely feature multiple interviews, so the cadence at which episodes release might increase compared to the previous bi-monthly NNT podcast schedule.

The inaugural Smart Economy Podcast series focuses on DAOs. Episode one features Jon ShapeShift, the pseudonymous co-founder and former COO of the ShapeShift exchange. He discusses the history of Shapeshift, the team’s decision to shut down as a corporate entity and migrate entirely to a DAO model, and much more.

DogeRift, a forthcoming play-to-earn game on Neo N3, will incorporate non-fungible, governance, and utility tokens into its 2D and 3D gaming universe. The DogeRift game will offer two types of gameplay, player-versus-environment and player-versus-player, each with its own play-to-earn mechanics. Users must first purchase a Doge character from the DogeRift marketplace in order to play. The project has already released DOGER and DOGEF NEP-17 tokens, and plans to release an NFT series.

Forthewin Network released FTW Swap on the N3 TestNet. Accessible through the FTW website, Swap is an AMM service that allows users to provide liquidity, perform token swaps, and create their own pools of NEP-17 token pairs. The team is also exploring crowdfunding, governance, and raffle games that would provide new utility for all tokens minted on the N3 network. The team is developing these milestones as its entry in the Polaris Launchpad.

Developer Groups

COZ released neo-mamba v0.10.0, which included updates for ECDSA verification as well as parity updates.


April 25, Neo Candy released its monthly report for April 2022, which noted the listing of CANDY in a Flamingo reverse pool, reaching nearly 1,000 Discord members, and upcoming roadmap items.

April 28, TOTHEMOON announced the forthcoming release of Moon Devices, a collection of NFTs which will be airdropped after the upcoming Waxing Crescent Character type NFT mint. The Moon Devices will unlock unique free mints of special TTM NFT collections.

April 28, Flamingo launched the Flund, a DEX-Traded fund, and began distributing FLM rewards the following day. The Flund is a single-staking feature that receives portions of daily minting rewards and fees accrued on the DeFi platform. The Flund pool will accrue 20% of daily FLM minting rewards and approximately 16% of trading fees on the platform. Users can only enter the Flamingo Flund by purchasing FLUND tokens with FLM tokens.

April 29, Lyrebird launched its algorithmic stablecoin protocol on Neo N3. Lyrebird’s dollar-pegged token, USDL, and the stabilization utility token, LRB, will be released through Flamingo’s reverse liquidity pools and through upcoming “airdroplet” events. The first round of LRB airdrops went to Lyrebird ecosystem participants for being early members in the Discord server or for testing the protocol on Neo N3 TestNet. There are approximately 60 addresses on Neo TestNet that own LRB or USDL, and each address will receive an airdrop of 5,000 LRB tokens. Roughly 260 Discord server members qualified for the airdrop and received 1,000 LRB each.

May 1, Poly Network released its monthly report for April 2022, which noted that total volume surpassed US $16 billion, and there have been approximately 848,000 cross-chain transactions.

Token Listings

LRB is now listed on the Flamingo non-custodial exchange