General Updates

NGD welcomed METAFORRA to the EcoBoost program. METAFORRA is a GameFi ecosystem that focuses on mobile and cross-platform games. Additionally, the platform offers an NFT marketplace and education technology components. As part of the partnership, NGD will offer support and incubation opportunities to bolster METAFORRA’s expansion into Web3 gaming.

AfricaN3 launched the LifeSaver project on the Neo MainNet. The project is aimed at incentivizing blood donations in Africa by distributing LIFE NFTs that grant owners entries in raffles to win token prizes. LIFE NFTs are soulbound tokens that cannot be sold or transferred from the wallet that minted them. Funds spent to purchase LIFE NFTs are added to a pool and automatically enter the token’s owner into a raffle. Looking forward, the AfricaN3 team will host its first blood drive campaign at the University Teaching Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria, from 7:00 a.m. (UTC) – 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023.

NNT airdropped 3 GAS to Neo wallets that both held a ValeNNTine NFT and were voting for NNT as a council member. ValeNNTine NFTs were airdropped to NNT voters in 2022 as a digital Valentine’s Day card.

Flamingo launched the FUSD pool bonus program intending to bring the price of the stablecoin into parity with US $1. To incentivize users to mint FUSD instead of spot purchasing the stablecoin, the team is offering additional yield to minters that contribute FUSD paired against other assets to liquidity pools. To begin earning an increased APR, users that were already contributing their minted stablecoins to various FUSD-based LPs must migrate the LP tokens to the new smart contract. 

FindTruman is partnering with Neo to conduct an AI-generated content story-cover competition. Up to 60 participants will share rewards from a prize pool of 500 GAS. To participate, users must register an AIVERSE Creative Universes account, where they will be given a free trial to make up to five images using the AI-generation tool. The competition is live through Feb. 28, 2023.

TOTHEMOON added a naming feature for the Fusion NFTs. To change the name of a Fusion NFT, the character must be level two or higher, and the user must pay a fee of 1,000 TTM tokens. 

GhostMarket added the Sweep Mode function to the NFT marketplace platform, allowing users to bulk purchase the cheapest NFTs in a chosen collection in a single transaction.

GAS was added to Binance Convert. Binance Convert offers a more straightforward, faster, and feeless conversion method. It also allows users to convert digital fiat currencies to crypto after deposit, and vice versa for withdrawal. 

NEO was among the Top 10 most traded tokens on Poly Network in Jan. 2023. 

DogeRift hosted an airdrop campaign where 1 billion DOGER tokens were distributed to 10 participants.  

Neo hosted a Twitter Spaces focused on AI-generated content, featuring an array of insights from various panelists. The panel of participants included GhostMarket, PinkPaper, FindTruman, Atem, and Neo Global Development representatives. 

NNT Catch Up

COZ recently updated Boa to v0.12.0. The new version brings a number of bug fixes and support for the new features introduced in Neo v3.5, including the ability to run dynamic code in smart contracts.


Feb. 20: METAFORRA is joining Neo Live Telegram AMA.
Feb. 21: Neo Foundation joining Atomic Crypto Wallet Twitter Spaces.

Token Listings

GAS added to Binance Convert.