General Updates

Neo Global Development is partnering with Fame AI, a service that allows users to create captivating content via AI tools. The collaboration seeks to utilize LLMs to craft campaigns that resonate deeply with the Neo community, leveraging the narrative power of AI to forge a connection with users.

GhostMarket redeployed all EVM contracts for the GM token, which included updates to various DEXs for token swapping GM and the team’s GM liquidity pools. The update was necessary following a Poly Network incident in July 2023 that resulted in 58 assets being affected across 11 blockchains. NEP-17 GM tokens on Neo N3 were not affected.

Meme2Earn unveiled its new Creator Leaderboard, introducing a new way to earn cryptocurrency via engagement with the platform. Users now have the opportunity to share in monthly rewards of 1 trillion TIPS by interacting on and climbing the leaderboard. Meme2Earn also launched a Zealy community campaign with an equivalent of US $420 in TIPS. Finally, Meme2Earn released a recording of December 2023’s Fireplace Burn Event, where the team discussed the meme-oriented platform, recent contests, future plans, the TIPS cryptocurrency, and more.

TOTHEMOON conducted a snapshot for the third Item NFT airdrop on Jan. 5. To qualify for the snapshot, users needed to remove their Phase 3 (First Quarter) Character NFTs from any NFT marketplaces prior to the snapshot.

Flamingo Finance launched a Zealy community campaign with an equivalent of $1,000 in FLM and GAS rewards. Additionally, Flamingo shared a recording of December 2023’s Community Lagoon, where the team discussed the development and marketing plans for Neo’s DeFi platform, and answered questions from the community. Flamingo also released statistics on the top tokens by volume for Week 52 of 2023, which noted approximately $6.8 million in volume for bNEO, $6.7 million for FLM, and $1.5 million for GAS.

Developer Updates

nDapp added new features aimed at facilitating user interaction within the Neo ecosystem. These updates include the integration of Flamingo for token swaps and advanced tools for NEO holders to manage their votes. now offers users the ability to connect their wallets using WalletConnect and perform token swaps. The GAS Calculator is a tool designed to assist users in estimating the GAS rewards for voting on various candidates based on their NEO holdings and adjusting their votes accordingly.

NeoResearch integrated GitHub Codespaces and Gitpod with NeoCompiler Eco. These integrations will allow developers to get up and running with Neo and collaborate on projects more easily and efficiently. The tool makes it possible for visitors to write, compile, deploy, and test smart contracts from a web app. Data is written to a shared test network, featuring low block times for quick and easy testing.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 54 of the Smart Economy Podcast featuring Matt Bell, the CEO and co-founder of Turbofish, a team working on Nomic, a layer one blockchain that offers a decentralized, non-custodial Bitcoin bridge into the Cosmos ecosystem. Topics of discussion include Nomic’s mission, the issue with Bitcoin’s untapped liquidity, the technical aspects of Nomic, the broader implications of bridging the gap between Bitcoin and other ecosystems, and much more.

Battle Hard distributed the first 507 NEP-17 B tokens to early adopters. The team held a two-month meme competition from Halloween through Christmas Day in 2023, where participants could submit one meme per day. Each unique meme submission entitled them to one B token. The competition was part of a campaign to fairly distribute the B token to the project’s early supporters.

NOWNodes integrated Neo N3 into its blockchain node and API offerings. This addition allows developers to access the Neo network more easily, facilitating interaction with this and other major blockchain networks through dedicated RPC nodes.