General Updates

Neo Global Development warned about two airdrop scams and urged users to only pay attention to information from the official Neo Twitter and Discord accounts. Remember, no one from the NGD or Neo Foundation teams will ever reach out to individual users directly to share any information about updates or announcements. Users should always check official channels for such information.

NGD hosted the first GAS station stop of the APAC Hackathon tour in Tokyo, Japan, where the Kekkai, Foo, and Chainreward teams won awards. Additionally, the event featured multiple in-person panels. The first focused on the topic Leveraging Japanese Cultural Advantages in the NFT and GameFi Space. Panelists included representatives from CGV FoF, YGG Japan, Amber Japan, and Alibaba Cloud Japan. The second panel was entitled Growth and Future of SocialFi and Web3 Community Economics in Japan, and featured speakers from NGD, Startfund, KaratDAO, and GameTrade.

NGD hosted a Twitter Spaces entitled NFTs: Redefining Value, Authenticity, and Digital Interactions, which featured representatives from Neo Foundation, KaratDAO, and OKX Web3. The panelists discussed the current growth trajectory of NFTs and use cases beyond PFPs, how NFTs can be used to protect intellectual property, opportunities and constraints with cross-chain NFTs, and more.

NGD opened the online submission period for the APAC Hackathon for any project team that physically attended a GAS station stop or developed a project remotely. Submissions can be made to the campaign on DoraHacks until Sep. 24. APAC Hackathon participants must submit their projects via DoraHacks to be eligible for prizes and incubation opportunities.

NGD will host a C# smart contract development workshop to be conducted by Red4Sec software developer Shargon. The YouTube-based webinar is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. (UTC) on July 25.

NGD is partnering with OKX for the Neo APAC Hackathon. As part of the collaboration, APAC Hackathon-specific NFTs will be listed on the custodial exchange’s marketplace, which will offer various as-yet undisclosed privileges.

Alchemy Pay partnered with NGD for the APAC Hackathon regional tour. Hackathon participants will have discounted access to the on- and off-ramp payment solutions provider. Additionally, Alchemy Pay will join as a panelist at the upcoming Singapore GAS station stop on Sep. 9 and 10.

NGD released the General Monthly report for June 2023, which provided an overview of upcoming event preparation, events attended, token listings, the integration of Neo N3 into O3 Swap, and ecosystem project updates.

TOTHEMOON released the schedule of the upcoming second Comet Drop of the game’s NFT collection. A series of daily auctions will be held Aug. 2 through 11, offering a total of 200 unique “Moon Duo” NFTs. The Moon Duo NFTs available during this event feature more personality traits and higher point totals than the previous offerings. Each auction commences at 5:00 p.m. and concludes after 24 hours.

NGD hosted Polychain Monsters co-founder Sebastian Gronewald on Neo Live to talk about the integration of Neo N3 with the character collection and battle game. Topics of discussion included the recent launch of booster packs on Neo. Gronewald also spoke on the hidden utility of the booster packs, shared insights on how players can utilize their NFTs within the Polychain Islands game, and previewed what gameplay will be like in the future.

Meme2Earn announced a new meme campaign in collaboration with Flamingo Finance. Participants will be eligible to share from a pool of US $1,000 in FLM and $500 in TIPS tokens. The contest is live and will run until 10:00 a.m. (UTC) on Aug. 3. Additionally, users who’ve claimed TIPS and performed at least one task on the meme platform between July 20 and 27 will be eligible for a bonus TIPS airdrop.

GrantShares proposal Renewed iOS SDK (Milestone 3 of 3) is currently in the voting stage and has met the minimum votes necessary to proceed. Also, the Audit funding for Battle Hardened Smart Contracts proposal was put onchain and endorsed by NNT; voting will conclude on July 27.

Unlocking the Chain released a video offering an in-depth look into the Flamingo DeFi platform. Topics include FLM’s tokenomics, FLUND single-sided staking, the bug bounty program, and more.

Flamingo released statistics for FLUND, noting a total value of approximately $7.1 million, total minting rewards of $2.2 million, and total trading fee rewards of $398,000.

O3 Labs released a quarterly report for Q2 2023, noting the integration of Neo N3, the extension of the Neo cross-chain event due to the suspension of Poly Network, and participation in a Neo Twitter Space.

COZ hosted a trivia campaign on its official Discord server where participants were eligible to compete for rewards.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 41 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Tama Churchouse, the COO of Cumberland Labs. Topics of discussion include lessons learned as a VC in the EOS ecosystem, the four P’s of incubating a new business, and recently-launched Cumberland Labs products.

GhostMarket issued an updated roadmap detailing its development plans for the second half of 2023. Planned enhancements for Q3 and Q4 include new order functionality, minting methods, a launchpad, and two additional support blockchains. The team also highlighted accomplishments this year, including full EVM DEX support, NFT bulk purchasing, adoption of the NFT royalty standard on Neo N3, and a variety of website updates.


July 25: Flamingo Community Lagoon AMA on the official Discord server.
July 25: APAC Hackathon workshop on coding smart contracts in C#.