General Updates

Neo witnessed the launch of new memecoins with liquidity pools for the tokens added to Forthewin Network. Three new coins were listed on the non-custodial exchange, including Ape Coin and Schrute Bucks, released by pseudonymous founders, and The Hongfei, launched by Forthewin Network’s founder Ed. Ape Coin and Schrute Bucks tokens are paired against GAS, and The Hongfei token is paired against GAS and bNEO. At the time of press, more than 5,700 GAS in liquidity exists between the three new pools.

Frank Coin hosted a livestream to showcase the Pixudi and World of Elements games, and distributed NEP-17 tokens as rewards to participants. The stream attracted more than 70 viewers on-line at its peak. The Frank Coin team also locked the FRANK-GAS liquidity pool on Forthewin Network for 20 years, ensuring the LP will exist for that amount of time. Finally, Frank Coin airdropped 14,285 APE tokens to each of 42 individual wallets holding more than 2,000 FRANK tokens.

Flamingo 3D designer Sergio Avila released a video offering an overview of the OrderBook+ AMM and FLOCKS.

Flamingo shared statistics on the FLUND single-sided staking fund for Week 11 of 2024, noting a total value of approximately $12m, total minting rewards of  $5,64m, and total trading fee rewards of $1.04m.

Developer Updates

Neo SPCC deprecated the HTTP gateway for NeoFS. The new and updated REST gateway will be maintained in its place as the new default solution for bridging data between NeoFS and consumers.

NNT Catch Up

NNT’s editors co-hosted Crypto Coffee and Blockchain Beer Spaces #11 on the Smart Economy Podcast X. Topics of discussion included how Stand With Crypto is positively impacting US politics on behalf of crypto, how Coinbase flies founders out to Washington D.C. to talk with legislators, the memecoin excitement on Neo, and new liquidity added to the Forthewin Network platform as a result of the memecoin-enabled activity.

Pixudi unveiled a competition to celebrate the creation of its new Neo board following the acceptance of its second GrantShares proposal. This contest invites users to unleash their creativity by proposing ideas for new concepts, zones, and characters to be featured on the Neo board.

Forthewin Network launched the first modules on its cross-chain DeFi tooling platform for the Neo X TestNet. Users can now access Forthewin Network’s Smith, Swap, and Farm features on the Neo EVM sidechain, which is currently under development. Forthewin Network intends to host a competition on the Neo X sidechain similar to the first meme coin campaign.


March 26: Meme2Earn hosting Community Fireplace on official Discord server.
March 26: Flamingo hosting Community Lagoon on official Discord server.
March 29: NNT editors hosting CC & BB #12 on The Smart Economy Podcast official X account.
April 4 – 5: Neo is a sponsorship partner of the Hong Kong Web 3.0 Spring Summit conference.
April 7: Da Hongfei speaking at Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024.

Token Listings

Ape Coin ($APE) memecoin was listed on Forthewin Network.
The Hongfei ($HD) memecoin was listed on Forthewin Network.
Schrute Bucks ($CHRUTE) memecoin was listed on Forthewin Network.