General Updates

Neo released the general monthly report for Aug., Sep., and Oct. 2022, which noted news from the Decoding Web3 US Campus tour and other events, Neo’s latest entry into the world of decentralized identities with the launch of NeoNS, new GrantShares community proposals, new partnerships and ecosystem activities, and more.

Neo Global Development announced it will host its first Twitter Spaces, entitled ‘The Next Wave of Web3 Evolution – Are University Students the New Mainstays of the Industry?’ The Spaces will focus on the recent Decoding Web3 US Campus Tour, featuring a panel of representatives from NGD Enterprise and AxLabs, and a Neo News Today moderator. The event takes place on Thursday, Dec. 8, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (UTC).

NGD released guidelines for its World Cup community competitions campaign. Participants will compete for a share of a 1,000 GAS pool of prizes, determined by the number of points earned for completing tasks and guessing the winning teams.

DogeRift opened registration for the beta testing phase of the 3D open-world game. The beta will run for two to three months and is open to all users that own at least one Bored Doge NFT. The team released a video walkthrough of registering for the beta test.

The NudesArmy MemeSite team rebranded to Meme2Earn and began accepting sponsors for its Meme of the Day contests. The rebrand has slowly begun to spread across the platform’s social media accounts and will continue to expand across the website over the coming weeks. Meme2Earn also announced its first two sponsors for Meme of the Day, GhostMarket and nDapp.

GhostMarket added the ‘instant sell’ feature to its website, allowing platform users to set a predetermined price for a selected NFT and anyone can purchase it instantly at that denominated cost. The team noted that the feature is equivalent to the ‘market sell’ feature on centralized exchanges, which is an order to buy or sell an asset at the market’s current best available price.

GrantShares proposals A set of NEO Chinese Development Tutorials (JAVA) are created for Chinese community developers, AfricaN3 Life Savers Event, and dApp- gamified NEO price forecasting + analytics dashboard were put forth for discussion. Additionally, Boost a dApp For The Win! was put forth for discussion and immediately put onchain to request funding, which has yet to be endorsed.

Web3 Italia, a recipient of GrantShares funding, released an overview sharing insights into the community’s first three months of building a local contingency, as well as lessons learned. The overview offers information on building a website, sample Neo-oriented copy for pages on the website, preferable social media platforms, and more.

Developer Updates

Neo SPCC released various new NeoGo tools and enhancements for developers throughout Nov. 2022. Improvements include an automatic RPC bindings generator for contracts and height-based chain state resetting.

NNT Catch Up

NeoLine released a tutorial for using the Chrome extension and mobile version of the Neo wallet. Sections include NeoLIne, Neo N3, Neo N3 migration, and Ledger hardware wallet user guides.


Dec. 8: Neo is hosting a Twitter space with representatives from NGD Enterprise, AxLabs, and NNT.