On November 3rd, Da Hongfei conducted an interview with 8btc. The discussion was oriented towards topics such as product development in the gaming and finance sectors, decentralization of consensus nodes, and public blockchain trends.

NEO Colorado hosted its inaugural meetup in Denver, CO. The event was focused on an “in-depth 101-level discussion,” as prior to the event many local blockchain enthusiasts conveyed they had minimal knowledge of the NEO blockchain. Following the presentation, a question and answer session was held, where participants asked about decentralization, voting for consensus nodes, and marketing. Representatives from City of Zion, Aphelion, and NeoTracker/NEO-ONE were in attendance.

On November 10th, a meetup was held in Hangzhou, China to discuss NEO and the dBFT consensus mechanism in business dApp development exploration. The event was co-sponsored by the NEXT community and NEOFANS. Invitations were extended to NEO community developers, NEO Foundation members, and multiple NEO ecosystem projects.

The NEO wallpaper design competition concluded with a total of six participants rewarded for their designs, chosen from dozens who submitted pieces for consideration. The competition was open to participants from October 17th through November 7th.


Moonlight held its first official AMA on the NEO subreddit. The Moonlight team AMA participants included Tyler Adams (lllwvlvwlll), architect, Alan Fong (anfn101), business development director, and Travis Lin (yenct15), product lead. Participants of the AMA asked questions pertaining to the product, its roadmap, the LX token and its public token sale, and building on NEO.

nOS provided a recap of its public token sale, which ended November 8th. Switcheo has also announced there will be a nOS trading competition. A pool of 100,000 NOS tokens is up for grabs, with 30,000 NOS going to the first place finisher. In total, nOS raised 101,054 NEO and 3,669 ETH in its public sale, with over 57,000,000 NOS currently in circulation.

Aphelion upgraded its platform to v3.2.2, and released information pertaining to the integration of its decentralized exchange (DEX) into its mobile application, and cross-chain trading. The updated version of the DEX desktop application came with multiple fixes. Aphelion has stated it will strive to offer cross-chain trading in Quarter 1 of 2019, has polled the community for which blockchain they’d like to see cross-chain implementation first.

Alphacat released its bi-monthly report, which included updates to the ACAT Store, its AI forecasting engine, analysis tools, and community growth. Alphacat completed the development of its third party listing system for the ACAT Store. Additionally, Alphacat established a partnership with UCLA’s Henry Samuel School of Engineering and Applied Science. 

APEX Network released its third wave of KRATOS One rewards for participants to claim. The snapshot for the third wave of KRATOS One rewards took place on October 30th, and the APEX Wallet can be used to claim the rewards.

Travala and DeepBrain Chain were added to the Delta Direct portfolio tracking platform. Through the application “users will get instantly notified about new blog posts or direct messages from the [project] team.” Travala and DeepBrain Chain are among a variety of NEP-5 projects that have recently been listed on the application.

DeepBrain Chain announced an investment from Gobi Venture Capital and an “undisclosed European-American giant” into its Silicon Valley lab. The investments will be used to fund the on-going development of DeepBrain Chain and its incubated AI application, VisionX.

Thor released its October monthly report, which included updates on lightning pay, Thor Care, and money transmitter licenses. For the first time in October, Thor tested its instant payment system, which uses a debit card to withdraw funds directly from the Thor Mobile Wallet balance. To develop a plan for affordable health care coverage, Thor unveiled a tentative roadmap, under which it will register as a non-profit association in early 2019. Lastly, Thor announced “progress in securing” the necessary money transmitter licenses for each of the 50 U.S. states.

Ryu Coin released its bi-weekly report, which includes plans for new hires, a first look at the iOS Ryu Homebase app, and an update to its whitepaper.

Alchemint released a development update for October, which includes a user manual describing Alchemint’s smart contract-based “Smart Asset Reserve” collateral and liquidation functions, ongoing bug-fixes, and UI improvements for its stablecoin products.

Token Listings

CPX was listed on HotBit.

NOS was listed on Switcheo, HotBit, and Bilaxy.

Upcoming Events

November 17: NEO Blockchain Open Course – Shanghai.