NEO Global Development (NGD) Ecosystem Growth director, John Wang, participated in an interview with NEO News Today. Wang spoke about his professional background, NGD’s Eco Boost investment fund strategy, and NEO’s approach to supporting a healthy ecosystem.

Wang also participated in two AMAs. The first was held in the Telegram group, alongside Grip Zhang, co-founder of ZoroChain. Vicion is a Vietnam-based cryptocurrency based trading signals and tools application.

The second AMA was hosted by Coin98, a Vietnam-based blockchain research group. Other NEO representatives included Yuan Gao, NGD marketing director, and Longfei Wang, NEO blockchain engineer.

A free NEO workshop was announced for Saturday, July 6th in Sao Paulo, Brazil. NEO community developer group NeoResearch is hosting the event, which is scheduled to take place from 11:00 am to 5:15 pm. The schedule includes presentations and interactive workshops.

NEO warned about a new scam website that aimed to mislead token holders into submitting their private keys to a phishing wallet on the premise of a NEO 3.0 token swap. The scam website ‘’ uses real information regarding the NEO 3.0 update but provides false token swap information and links to a phishing web wallet at the address ‘’ At this time, there is no official timeline or mechanism for the NEO 3.0 token swap. NEO will release official guidelines on any token swap process closer to the launch.

NEO core developer Jeff Solinksy participated in a podcast interview with CryptoBeadles, to discuss his experience as a NEO core developer and the delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus mechanism.

Developer Groups

NeoResearch released a progress report documenting its contributions to the NEO ecosystem between February 2018 and May 2019. NeoResearch provided summaries and introductions to its various projects, noting the intentions and current progress for each. In addition to more familiar contributions such as those made to the development of dBFT 2.0 or the browser-based development suite NeoCompiler Eco, the report also provides an entry point for less well-known projects.

NewEconoLabs released its bi-monthly report for the first half of June. Highlights included an update to neo-cli-nel, the process for accessing and using the NEO Name Service decentralized exchange (NNSDEX), and the development of NELSwap where “users will be able to make market[s] and exchange tokens.”


June 17th, Moonlight released a fortnightly development update covering progress on Moonlight’s onboarding, support, and referral programs as it prepares for its upcoming beta testing phases.

June 17th, ForTheWin (FTW) released a project update, noting improvements to its website layout, game embedding functionality, and smart contract updates. The team also noted that it is paying close attention to the progress of the MainNet upgrade to NEO 3.0, tentatively scheduled for launch in Q2 of 2020, as fee changes may impact the FTW ecosystem.

June 17th, DeepBrainChain released a progress report, which briefly discussed plans to deploy a DBC token on its MainNet and migrate away from the NEO blockchain.

June 18th, NEO Colorado hosted its second developer workshop in coordination with NEO•ONE. NEO•ONE developer Alex Fragapane taught the hands-on workshop which explored the end-to-end developer environment. At the event, participants designed an escrow account to interact with smart contracts. Individuals who completed a pre-workshop assignment or participated in the workshop received GAS tokens as a reward.

June 18th, Nash announced it is seeking currency partners to help provide users with a way to purchase digital assets using various national fiat currencies. The Nash team noted that it has already acquired partners in the US, EU, and Brazil, but wishes to continue expanding to new regions to onboard the global blockchain community.

June 18th, Alphacat released a bi-monthly report, which highlighted its R&D plan for Q3 and Q4 of 2019, and product development updates on the ACAT Store and AI forecasting engine.

June 19th, Switcheo announced it had launched atomic swap trading between the NEO and EOS public blockchains. Switcheo’s EOS/NEO market uses atomic swaps to settle transactions in concert on the EOS and NEO blockchains and is the first atomic swap linking the two blockchains.

June 19th, Magic Cube conducted an airdrop, which had a two-day window for participation from June 19th through the 20th. Each participant who completed the required steps received 3,000 MCC tokens.

June 19th, Red Pulse announced an airdrop of 15 million Binance chain-based PHB tokens to “promote the launch of native PHB integration, PHX/PHB 1:1 swapping, and staking on”

June 19th, Switcheo suspended the trading of PKC tokens, which was done so at the request of PikcioChain. Switcheo stated, “users will still be able to cancel their orders and withdraw their PKC tokens from the exchange at any time.”

June 20th, Nash announced it has opened the application process for projects who would like to be listed on its forthcoming exchange. Nash aims to “support promising projects and to grow the digital asset ecosystem.”

June 21st, a Jarvis+ trading competition launched on KuCoin exchange, which will run until Sunday, June 30th with an available reward pool of 670,000 JAR (ERC-20) tokens.

June 21st, TranslateMe extended its initial exchange offering (IEO) on until Sunday, June 23rd. Translate me also announced an additional IEO through the Vindax exchange, scheduled to take place on July 1st and 2nd.

June 21st, Switcheo’s CEO Ivan Poon released an article highlighting the number of SWTH tokens burnt, differences between token staking and burning, and the development philosophy behind the upcoming Switcheo Chain.

June 21st, Aphelion announced its APH token will begin trading on the BitMart centralized exchange on June 27th, 2019. Meanwhile, CEO Ian Holtz Holtz claimed to have secured “private funding” for his project following “an incredible week.” The news followed Holtz’s announcement on June 1st, 2019 that Aphelion had “run out of funds” and had halted development.

June 22nd, nOS announced its new white paper will be released on July 30th, which will contain information on its MainNet blockchain.

June 23rd, Aphelion announced it will be conducting a second upcoming airdrop through the BitMart exchange.

Token Listings

JAR listed on CoinMarketCap.

JAR (ERC-20) listed on KuCoin.

QLC to list on Cyber Exchange.

APH to list on BitMart.


June 24th & 25th: NEO participating at Crypto Valley Conference – Zug, CH.

July 6th: NEO workshop – Sao Paulo, BR.

July 10th & 11th: NEO ecosystem at Barcelona Trading Conference – Barcelona, ES.