NEO Global Development (NGD) revealed additional details about the EcoBoost initiative. NGD outlined the three phases, introducing how the program plans to support and develop the NEO ecosystem. The first phase of the EcoBoost program, which was recently launched, involves recruiting long-term partnerships with various entities in the blockchain industry, such as media outlets, wallet providers, dApp discovery platforms, and larger-scale organizations such as universities or exchanges.

NEO has announced the NEO St. Petersburg Competence Center (NEO SPCC) received approval from the NEO Foundation to operate a consensus node on the NEO TestNet. The NEO Foundation has now fully distributed its TestNet consensus node responsibility, to be run by KPN, Swisscom, NGD, MatPool, City of Zion (COZ), Red4Sec, and NEO SPCC.

NEO and Morpheus Labs announced a strategic alliance. Morpheus Labs is a blockchain service provider that aims to ease and encourage the adoption of blockchain technology by developers and enterprises. Morpheus Labs has integrated NEO into its services, allowing developers to run a private NEO network and access a custom NEO dApp development stack.

Lili Zhao, NGD‘s Swiss director of ecosystem growth, and Dr. Guil Sperb Machado, founder of neow3j, attended the Crypto Valley Conference in Zurich, Switzerland and held a NEO workshop.

NEO announced it is hosting a live AMA scheduled to take place from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm (UTC +8) on Friday, July 5th on the NEO Telegram. The topic of discussion is the official launch of the EcoBoost fund. NEO representatives will include John Wang, NEO ecosystem growth director, Yuan Gao, NEO marketing director, and Longfei Wang, NEO blockchain engineer.

NEO Live invited Wizard, the founder of Cardmaker, to deliver a presentation to the Chinese-based NEO community. The theme of Wizard’s presentation was “blockchain will bring happiness to games.” He also shared recent progress regarding the Cardmaker project.

NNT Catch Up

John deVadoss, head of NGD Seattle, participated in a Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) Cascadia Blockchain Council panel alongside other Washington-based members of the blockchain industry. The event was held to discuss SB 5638, aiming to detail “what the bill means for blockchain in the region and what comes next from the people that helped get this bill passed.”

Asura World published answers to a community Q&A, which highlighted initial use case scenarios, marketing strategy, platform use, and financial details. The team claims to have recruited two angel investors who will assist in the next round of investment negotiations.


June 25th, Magic Cube announced its second token airdrop campaign for the month of June. The back-to-back airdrop events were part of a Western marketing strategy. Magic Cube ended the registration period on June 26th citing “overwhelming demand.”

June 27th, Narrative announced the Summer 2019 launch of Publications, which are branded channels for organizations or publishers that need to have tight editorial control of their content. Publications are intended to provide an alternative to channels such as Medium, Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon.

June 27th, Aphelion announced it had integrated Ethereum and Bitcoin into its wallet, tentatively scheduled for public launch in August 2019.

June 27th, Red Pulse launched its “hot swapping service” to manage token migration from NEP-5 PHX to Binance Chain PHB tokens. The 1:1 swap, which is offered in both directions (to and from NEO), is available through the Red Pulse website.

June 28th, NEO and GAS was listed on BitKan with USDT, BTC, and ETH pairs.

June 28th, QLC Chain released its roadmap for the second half of 2019. The announcement also answered frequently asked questions about the Montnets partnership, the utility of the QGAS token, and status of the miner nodes.

June 28th, Trinity protocol released its bi-weekly update, which included discussion about the construction of a NEO token trading contract. The trading contract was designed as “an on-chain transaction process when the channel is closed either upon agreement by both parties or one party is doing evil.”

June 28th, NEO World opened a new round of land auctions on NEOLand.

June 29th, Blocklords announced the launch of its blockchain-based medieval strategy game on the NEO MainNet. The announcement included instructions on how to use the O3 Wallet to interact with the game.

Token Listings

NEO and GAS listed on BitKan.

MCC listed on CoinGecko.

MCC to list on Coin Super.

APH token listing on BitMart to be delayed.


July 5th: Live NEO AMA on Telegram

July 6th: NEO workshop – Sao Paulo, BR.

July 10th & 11th: NEO ecosystem at Barcelona Trading Conference – Barcelona, ES.