NEO Global Development (NGD) released its monthly report for May 2019. Highlights included development on NEO3 and NEO 2.x, progress from the NGD Seattle and NGD Shanghai offices, events attended, community developer group updates, and more. A highlight of the report was the recruitment of Harry Pierson, who joins NGD Seattle after a 20 year career with Microsoft in roles such as project manager of IronPython for .NET and xlang.

NEO founder and NGD CEO, Da Hongfei, was interviewed on RT Boom Bust in a segment entitled “the Future of Crypto Decentralization.” In the conversation, Da discussed NEO’s design philosophy, expansion into the US, and the potential for a public blockchain to change the centralization of the internet.

NEO announced a MainNet update which took place at 9:00am (UTC) on Monday, June 3rd. All MainNet consensus nodes were upgraded to neo-cli v2.10.2 with the optimized dBFT 2.0 consensus algorithm.

NEO ecosystem representatives announced they will attend the Barcelona Trading Conference (BTC) 2019 on July 10th and 11th in Barcelona, Spain. NGD director of Ecosystem Growth in Switzerland, Lili Zhao, is going to participate on a panel entitled “Ride or Dai: How Stablecoins Address Volatility.” Fabio Canesin, co-founder of the Nash Exchange, is also scheduled to participate on a panel entitled “The Future of Exchanges: What’s Next?” Lastly, Jaime Kindelan and Fernando Díaz Toledano, NEO core developers and Red4Sec IT security consultants, are conducting a workshop.

NEO was added as a supported token on, which is a platform that enables the transfer, sale, and exchange of fiat and cryptocurrencies. The move also brings support for’s MCO prepaid Visa card, allowing NEO to be converted to fiat and spent at most locations that VISA credit cards are accepted.

NNT Catch Up

NEO leadership attended the Consensus 2019 cryptocurrency conference in New York City. Da Hongfei gave a range of interviews with various media outlets, two of which were his “Real Talk” interview with Crypto Finder and Coindesk’s group-chat question-and-answer session. During the interviews, Hongfei discussed NEO’s growth and development, funding, roadmap, and cryptocurrency regulations in China.

Head of NGD Seattle, John deVadoss, was also present at Consensus 2019 where he spoke with YouTube personalities, Mr. Kristoff and That Martini Guy. In consecutive interviews, deVadoss outlined the role of his newly formed Seattle office and advocated NEO’s identity as a platform.

NEO co-founder, Erik Zhang, was interviewed by Decrypt. In the interview, Zhang discussed his entrance into the blockchain industry, NEO’s use cases, and building a decentralized business.

Endorsit published its two bi-monthly reports for May 2019. Highlights included improvements to the voting mechanism, progress on various hardware platforms, and user group activity.

Developer Groups

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released its second bi-weekly development report for May 2019. The report focuses on NEL’s current main projects, including the implementation of a DEX for NEO Name Service (NNS) and further work on the Teemo extension wallet.

NEL has continued development of its NNS DEX v2, which aims to allow users to purchase or sell NEO domain names in a decentralized manner. NEL recently pushed version v1.2.1 of the Teemo wallet to the official website and Chrome web store, including several dAPI improvements and additional user settings. Lastly, NEL also noted a further contribution to the NEO protocol, including a proposed revision for NEO 2.x’s transaction size fee calculation.


May 27th, NEO Colorado announced it is partnering with NEO•ONE to host a developer workshop in Boulder, CO on June 18th. Alex Fragapane of NEO•ONE will conduct the workshop and aims to educate attendees on how to develop a token contract using TypeScript. COZ has sponsored the workshop, which will offer incentives for participation; 1 GAS token for completing the pre-workshop assignment, and 1 GAS token for participating in the workshop.

May 28th, Switcheo launched its trading markets on the EOS blockchain, which is the result of a recent strategic partnership with Obolus, a Japanese development company. Upon launch, the non-custodial exchange offered support for EOS/CUSD, EOS/MPT, EOS/EFX, and EOS/IQ. Additionally, Switcheo launched a trading promotion designed to encourage trading volume on its EOS pairs. Lastly, Switcheo announced a community translation initiative.

May 28th, Jarvis+ released its weekly report, which included the latest developments on its WeChat bot and AI data analysis management system, attendance at the Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum in Hangzhou, and participation in the 5th “i Chuang Cup” Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Wuxi.

May 29th, ProBit announced support for NEO’s NEP-5 token standard.

May 29th, O3 Labs announced the launch of its GAS back referral campaign. When one user purchases NEO using another users referral link, both users receive 1% GAS back from the purchase. Payouts are made at the end of the month and sent to wallets associated with the referral code.

May 30th, QLC Chain announced a partnership with Opacity, a decentralized storage service “dedicated to online data privacy and security.” The partnership aims to explore second layer solutions based on QLC Chain and use Opacity as a backup storage service for QLC Chain’s Confidant.

May 31st, CoinNest, the first Korean cryptocurrency exchange to list NEO announced it had closed its doors. Users have until June 30th, 2019 to withdraw their assets from the exchange. NEO-related assets formerly traded on the exchange include NEO, GAS, and QLC.

May 31st, TranslateMe released its monthly overview for May 2019. Highlights included an airdrop, the launch of TranslateMe Docs, and listing on portfolio tracking applications.

May 31st, Trinity released its second bi-monthly report for May 2019. The article highlighted progress made on its Revocable Sequence Maturity Contract (RSMC).

May 31st, Travala released its May 2019 monthly report. Highlights included recent progress in platform growth metrics, accommodation partnerships, and the outcome of its recent equity crowdfunding campaign.

Token Listings

NEO listed on

TranslateMe listed on Blockfolio.


June 4th: NEO•ONE workshop – Seattle, US.

June 18th: NEO Colorado and NEO•ONE workshop – Denver, US.

July 10th & 11th: NEO ecosystem at Barcelona Trading Conference – Barcelona, ES.