Neo Global Development released its general monthly report for March, April, and May 2022, which featured a special focus on the Neo Polaris Launchpad. It also highlighted progress from Neo ecosystem projects, events, and community engagement activities.

NGD released its technical development report for May 2022. Highlights included the implementation of hard fork that allows for backwards incompatible changes to be safely introduced, updates from Neo’s sponsored community development groups, and more.

NGD announced Supernova, a science fiction survival MMORPG, as the second project to join the Neo EcoBoost program in 2022. Developed by Sunday Games, a Cyprus-based game development studio founded in 2014, Supernova will bring an open world and economy with play-to-earn mechanics to the Neo blockchain.

NGD announced phase two for the Polaris Plus community funding event after several rule violations by participating teams. NGD has split the US $101,300 funding pool into two allocations: $20,000 to be distributed in the first phase, and $81,300 to be distributed in the second phase.

NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss joined the Windshield Time podcast to discuss platforms, developer tooling, passive and active incentive structures, how developers can start in the blockchain space, CBDCs, economic institutions, and more.

NNT Catch Up

Mega Oasis will host its third NFT series featuring works from Rex492, an avant-garde artist and designer based in Berlin. The collection, referred to as Ilex, will feature NFTs comprising uniquely themed figures that integrate poles with the letter ‘-x’. This will be Rex492’s and the Ilex team’s first metaverse project. The Ilex collection will contain two sets of NFTs. The first will have a total of 9,999 profile picture NFTs, of which the first 2,000 will mint on the Neo blockchain. The NFTs will also launch on other blockchain networks, and will have the capability to move across chains. Alongside the PFPs, the Ilex series will also mint 16 Genesis Collection NFTs.

NNT released a transcript from a fireside chat that took place at Consensus 2022 featuring John deVadoss, head of NDG Enterprise, and Erhan Korhaliller, founder and CEO of EAK Digital. The session was part of a four-part exploration, “DAOs: Without Your Permission” and focused on emerging patterns and practices for Web3 development.

The OneGate mobile wallet application added support for Flamingo Finance and Forthewin Network. It is the first app that offers iOS and Android mobile users access to the DeFi platforms.


June 29, Neo-Effisend CEO Eduardo Oliver joined the Neo Live AMA series to discuss the Neo Polaris Launchpad “Excellence Award” winning project. In the AMA, Oliver discussed the main purpose of Neo-Effisend, plans for launching a closed-beta of the dApp this year, why its main focus is on Latin America, the potential of adding support for other blockchains, and more. Participants in the AMA shared rewards from a prize pool comprised of 10 Neo-Effisend NFTs.

June 29, the Exodus multi-chain self-custodial wallet added support for the GhostMarket NFT marketplace.

June 29, NudesToken launched its single-sided staking feature, entitled the “Nudes Boomer Single-Stake Fund.” The Boomer Fund allows users to stake NEP-17 NUDES tokens and earn yield (in NUDES) from fees derived from the use of the Nudes.Army meme platform.

June 30, SOMNIUMWAVE founder Sergio Avila joined the Neo Live AMA series to talk about its upcoming 3D metaverse world, game, and marketplace. In the AMA, Avila discussed his background in animation and music, the details that go into building a 3D environment, the progress of the SOMNIUMWAVE platform, the mapping system for the game, collaborating with other Neo ecosystem projects, how interested individuals can join the development team, and more. Participants in the AMA shared rewards from a prize pool comprising 10 SOMNIUMWAVE NFTs.

July 1, Flamingo integrated support for the Inst.Money fiat on- and off-ramp. Users can purchase GAS with USD, EUR, or GBP. When purchasing GAS, users must spend a minimum of $25. However, everywhere else Inst.Money is implemented requires users to spend a minimum of $100.

July 1, NudesToken concluded its DogeRift meme competition and announced the top ten winners.

July 1, Switcheo released its monthly report for June 2022, which noted more than 15,000 active Carbon blockchain users, an upgrade to the Carbon blockchain, a new market interface on the Demex non-custodial exchange, and more.

July 1, GrantShares received its fourth proposal from Lyrebird founder William Song to fund the development of an open-source wrapper around NEO/bNEO tokens. This wrapper, dubbed cNEO, would provide auto-compounding functionality through an automated external process.

July 2, NeoCandy released the Lollipop collection of 222 NFTs that will offer holders the ability to participate in exclusive events, NFT claims, airdrops, giveaways, and more.