General Updates

Neo announced the addition of Rangers Protocol to the Neo X ecosystem. The partnership with Rangers Protocol is among the first batch Neo Global Development established in advance of the tentative 2024 launch of the Neo X EVM sidechain. The two entities will collaborate on providing tooling to simplify the onboarding experience for EVM-based Web3 developers.

Neo has been added to Pop Planet’s PoPP AI Chrome Box Plugin, allowing users to access an AI assistant tool and obtain information and answers to their Neo-specific inquiries. Alongside the AI assistant, the PoPP Chrome extension offers a chat feature, allowing users to interact in real-time with others about projects within the PoP Planet ecosystem, such as Neo.

Neo partnered with Echooo Wallet, a self-custody solution powered by account abstraction, which will integrate support for the Neo X EVM sidechain once MainNet is live. With account abstraction, user safety and security over self-custodial wallets is improved by removing dependence on private key solutions and offering wallet recovery functions. Echooo Wallet currently supports the Neo X TestNet.

Meme2Earn launched a new three-week campaign in collaboration with Out of Context Human Race. The top 100 meme submissions will share from a prize pool equivalent to US $2,500 in TIPS tokens. The Meme2Earn team is also conducting a bonus airdrop of 2 trillion TIPS tokens, which will be split among all active accounts that meet the prerequisite criteria.

Meme2Earn launched an additional meme campaign in collaboration with Football God, a fixed-odds sports betting and prediction platform built on the Internet Computer Protocol blockchain. An equivalent of $700 is available in token prize rewards, and a 1 million TIPS bonus airdrop will be split among active Meme2Earn platform users. The contest is live and will run through Thursday, June 13.

NEO.Coupons launched by a developer from within the Neo community, Hastalapizza, previously known for the creation of the Schrute Bucks memecoin. This platform enables users to create downloadable token coupons that can be printed and redeemed online, providing a novel way to distribute cryptocurrency. NEO.Coupons supports any NEP-17 token, with special custom designs available for the $CHRUTE and FRANK tokens.

Neobox launched a new game, Dice Jump, on the platform’s apps page. The gameplay is similar to that of Angry Birds, where the user selects the dice-based character and drags the cursor (on desktop) or finger (on mobile) to determine the trajectory and distance they wish to hurl the dice onto a subsequent column. This addition increases the total number of available games to eight.

GhostMarket released a platform update designed to improve the user experience when managing NFTs and trading tokens. On the GhostMarket platform, users can now send any token from any supported chain by accessing the sidebar profile panel. Users can also send tokens to domain names on any EVM blockchain, Neo’s NeoNS, or Phantasma.

Frank Coin concluded a giveaway campaign to celebrate the community’s achievement of surpassing 2,000 followers. Two users received 1 GAS and 100 FRANK NEP-17 tokens, six users received 1 GAS token, and six users received 50 FRANK tokens.

Flamingo shared statistics on the FLUND single-sided staking token for week 22 of 2024, noting approximately $9.49 million in total value, $5.00 million in total minting rewards, and $918,000 in total trading fee rewards.

Developer Updates

Neo SPCC released a video update for April and May, which noted updates on NeoGo and NeoFs, fixes on the Send.NeoFS HTTP-gate demo for distributed object storage, a geographic re-distribution of NeoFs MainNet nodes, plus more.

COZ CEO Tyler Adams joined the Thinking on Paper podcast to discuss the t-shirt non-fungible item activation at Neo’s booth at Paris Blockchain Week 2024, other NFI activations COZ has conducted, the technology that enables NFIs, funding public goods in blockchain ecosystems, COZ’s semi-DAO and corporate structure under Colorado’s co-op model, the relationship between COZ and the Neo ecosystem, and much more.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 65 of The Smart Economy Podcast with Meg Lister, General Manager of Grants Labs at Gitcoin, a platform that has helped to disseminate grant funding to more than 4,000 projects within the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. Topics of discussion include the catalytic effect of transparent funding mechanisms, success rates in grant funding, the evolution of Gitcoin and the emergence of 2.0, quadratic funding and the role of community contributions in Gitcoin, and much more.

NNT editors hosted Crypto Coffee and Blockchain Beer Spaces #20 on the official The Smart Economy Podcast X account. Topics of discussion included the GME stock trade halts and how these types of halts don’t happen on blockchain, improving the UX for non-crypto native on-chain traders, takes on celeb coins, how Neo X will leverage the Neo N3 chain, and a recent debate on crypto populists (large trading accounts) vs elites (long-standing dApp builders).

NeoSPCC released significant updates for three core NeoFS components. The updates center on enhancing functionality, improving compatibility with the latest Neo N3 Cockatrice hardfork, and streamlining the developer experience.


June 14: NNT editors hosting CC & BB #21 on The Smart Economy Podcast official X account.

Token Listings

NEO was added to the OKCoinJapan custodial exchange.