NEO and Ontology announced a new joint initiative to develop an interoperable cross-chain protocol. In a town hall meeting held in Shanghai, Da Hongfei, NEO and Onchain co-founder, and Li Jun, Ontology founder, said that they hoped the protocol would help establish the “foundation for the next-gen internet.”

The two blockchain entities claim the protocol will be built for cross-chain synchronization and keep a low barrier to entry. A white paper for the new yet-to-be-named cross-chain solution is planned for release in Q3, with a launch to follow in Q4.

NEO announced a weekly series entitled NEO LIVE, which will take place every Thursday at 8:00 pm (UTC +8) on the official NEO Telegram channel. The live event aims to highlight a new project each week, beginning with Travala, followed by Guardian Circle, Switcheo, and Cobo.

NEO founder and core developer Erik Zhang and other NEO developers participated in the first hackathon session at the Dora Hacks 4th Industrial Revolution Hackathon.

NNT Catch Up

In early July, NeoResearch, a Latin America-based NEO development community, hosted a NEO community meetup in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The community event offered an overview discussion of the NEO blockchain, which was followed by a presentation on NEO3 and a workshop.

Magic Cube released its June monthly report, which highlights three new games added to the Magic Cube exchange, and offered commentary on the ecosystem’s development. According to the team, users may use the Magic Cube exchange to download the games, where tokens can be mined and traded.

Developer Groups

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released its bi-weekly report, which outlined the development of its recently announced FutureDAO project, support for Python in NeoRay, and updates to NELswap. Following the recent release of a whitepaper for FutureDAO, an equity crowdfunding platform, NEL has shared the first insights into the development process. Currently, the team is focusing on the contract that acts as the foundation for the project. Aside from contract development, NEL completed the first round of product prototyping and began work on the UI design.


July 15th, Moonlight released its fourth fortnightly development update covering the past two weeks of work on the project. The team has focused on its referral program and verification methods during this time.

July 16th, NEO Colorado announced its next event, a NEO ecosystem developer meet and greet in Boulder, Colorado. Tyler Adams, COZ and Moonlight co-founder, and Alex Fragapane, NEO•ONE developer, will be on-hand to talk about building in the NEO ecosystem.

July 16th, QLC Chain published its bi-weekly report, focussing on its Confidant product, as well as the Confidant bug bounty program. QLC Chain introduced Confidant to the security community on July 6th and 7th at the LeHack event held in Paris. QLC Chain claims that no hackers at the Hackathon were able to breach Confidant’s security.

July 16th, Switcheo released a guide to Switcheo Account, a simple email and password login system, designed to be similar to that of a centralized exchange. The guide describes how a user can create a non-custodial account and its security.

July 17th, NeoWorld announced the incorporation of human avatars into the game, as well as a novice gift pack for new players. NeoWorld will leverage its partnership with Wolf3D to introduce player avatars generated from real human faces via 2D photos. The novice gift pack offers three NEO worth of in-game coupons and other assorted goods.

July 17th, THEKEY participated in the Medial Insurance Credit Evaluation System kickoff meeting in Nanjing City, China. With over 60 government officials at the event, THEKEY showcased how its identity verification (IDV) solution reduces risk of medical insurance fraud and abuse.

July 18th, QLC Chain began highlighting participants who’ve identified bugs in the bounty program. Bounty reward winners thus far include Arib Taheer and Nitin Goplani. Additionally, the team launched a Telegram bot that shows developer progress in real-time.

July 19th, Alphacat released its bi-weekly report, highlighting progress on the development of a Windows version of the ACAT Store, which now lists 97 applications.

July 19th, Jarvis+ announced its Intelligent Community Platform (ICP) for chat apps now serves more than 300,000 users of various communities.

July 19th, Aphelion released a weekly report outlining steps taken towards integrating BTC and Ethereum into its platform.

July 19th, Nash Exchange highlighted a video of the Barcelona Trading Conference, in which Nash co-founder Fabio Canesin shared the stage with three other centralized exchanges. During his time, Canesin discussed the project’s vision for a compliant, non-custodial platform.


JAR listed on Delta Direct.

TMN listed on CoinMarketCap.


July 25th: NEO meetup – Ho Chi Minh, VT.

July 25th: NEO LIVE with Travala – Telegram.

July 30th: NEO Colorado meet and greet – Boulder, US.

August 1st: NEO LIVE with Guardian Circle – Telegram.

August 8th: NEO LIVE with Switcheo – Telegram.

August 15th: NEO LIVE with Cobo – Telegram.