NEO Global Development (NGD) is offering 50 free NEO DevCon tickets to developers and students who are “new to blockchain and the NEO ecosystem.” Interested individuals will need to apply for the subsidized ticket by creating a new issue on the NEO GitHub.

NGD released its monthly report, providing an overview of January 2019. The upcoming developer conference, scheduled for February 16th and 17th, 2019 in Seattle, Washington, was a major focus for NGD in the report. The report also covered the release of NEO’s full node software, NEO-CLI v2.9.4 and various events attended throughout the month. 

With regards to the financial report mentioned by Da Hongfei last year, NEO News Today contacted NGD who iterated they hope to have the report ready by DevCon.

NNT Catch Up

NEO News Today’s Colin Closser sat down with Guardian Circle founders, Mark Jeffrey and Chris Hayes, to discuss the GUARD token and mobile app, API infrastructure, citizen interventions, blockchain technology, and the NEO project. For now, the team has its “heads down” as it prepares for the February 2019 launch of Guardian Circle v3.0. Jeffrey will also be providing a presentation on the second day of the upcoming NEO DevCon.

Community Groups

January 31st, NewEconoLabs (NEL) published reports that covered progress made in January across multiple NEL projects, which include BlaCat, NEO Name Service (NNS), and the new Teemo browser wallet. Progress on the BlaCat game platform and SDK has primarily focused on wallet improvements. The design stage for its Teemo browser extension wallet was completed, and has now entered development. The front-end design for its NNS DEX has been completed, which will allow users to trade .neo domains in a more secure manner.


January 28th, nOS completed its token burn, removing 37,219,486.50 NOS tokens from circulation and reducing the circulating supply by 32%. There is now a circulating supply of 80 million NOS tokens.

January 29th, Thor added two new members to its advisory board, Steve Skodak, CEO of the Painting Contractors Association (PDCA), and Chris Shapouri, president of Mobile Charging Lockers. The new members will offer guidance on providing contractors “reliable pay and affordable benefits,” and designing Thor’s product to handle acute challenges that can be found with a workforce of independent contractors.

January 29th, New Kind of Network (NKN) reported about 60% of its circulation supply (210,542,291 NKN tokens) have been swapped from NEP-5 tokens to ERC-20.

January 29th, Jarvis+ released its weekly report, which highlighted continued R&D on its decentralized conversation platform, as well as its ongoing Group Quiz Game on the project’s Telegram channel.

January 30th, Moonlight released a report detailing the first step of its roadmap, dubbed “Copernicus.” In this iteration, the creation of digital profiles for each user will allow for customizable resumes when applying for different categories of employment. Additionally, Moonlight co-founder Alan Fong will be presenting the Moonlight project with more “sneak peeks” of development progress at the second NEO DevCon.

January 30th, Switcheo issued a statement addressing inaccurate fees caused by a backend update on January 24th. The deployment was intended to update the fee oracle service and provide “more precise exchange rates” for the Ethereum network, but the change also impacted fees for NEO trades when using SWTH tokens as the fee payment method. Switcheo has manually refunded all users who paid/burned extra SWTH by airdropping the difference to their respective addresses.

January 30th, nOS and CRUZEO Protocol announced a partnership. CRUZEO aims to build a service economy framework that offers a full stack, easy-to-use protocol for service providers to build upon. Through the partnership, CRUZEO will act as the exclusive service sharing marketplace partner for nOS, and in return nOS will be the exclusive application platform provider for CRUZEO.

January 31st, Travala added a fiat gateway to its travel booking platform and announced plans to hold a traditional equity-based fundraising round. The Travala website now provides users with access to payments via PayPal and debit/credits, as well as more than 45 cryptocurrencies. With regards to the Series A round, Travala is seeking to raise US $5 million to increase marketing efforts in its current “accelerated growth” phase. Travala is conducting a “crowdfunding round for equity share capital in the company to give the community a chance to be part of [Travala’s] growth.”

January 31st, Nash released its architecture and security report for the fourth quarter of 2018. The report highlighted a successful implementation of an improved protocol, progress on the minimum viable product (MVP), the rebranding to Nash, and its growth strategy moving forward. The next Nash quarterly report will be presented in London on Saturday, April 27th, 2019.

January 31st, Moonlight’s Lux was added to Blockfolio’s “Signals” program. Being on Signals allows the Moonlight team to communicate directly with investors who are tracking the LX token in the Blockfolio app.

February 1st, QLC Chain released a report highlighting its progress in 2018, and to wish its community members a Happy Lunar New Year. 2018 highlights included the launch of the WinQ dApp, development of its public chain, the partnership with Montnets, and the upcoming release of QLC Chain’s hardware devices. Looking forward, QLC Chain will begin the presale of its VPN routers services following the Chinese Lunar New Year.


February 16th and 17th: NEO DevCon (Seattle, US)

February 25th: NEO Colorado meetup (Denver, US)