NEO and Ontology sign MOU

NEO and Ontology have announced the signing of an MOU that formalises cooperation on digital identity and smart contract distributed network platforms, the smart contract ecosystem, providing standardised technology interfaces, and pushing forward with cross-chain platform research. Ontology and NEO will set up a joint task force, and jointly provide funding to relevant research institutions.

Community development updates

City of Zion (CoZ) released an update to outline the contribution and management model of core projects. The community development group now has seven senior developers working 30 hours a week maintaining integral projects.

Chinese-based developer group NewEconoLabs (NEL) provided a recap of the month of April, which highlighted developments to its blockchain explorer, web wallet, WeChat mini-program wallet, APIs, and the upcoming release of NEL’s first game, Crazy Gladiator. The developer group is also getting ready to host its NEO Game Competition.

nOS design competition

nOS is hosting a UI design competition to develop their visual branding. Winners will be awarded with prizes in GAS and access to the nOS token pre-sale. Participants have been tasked with the design of various templates for the nOS interface, and must follow submission rules to receive rewards.

Concierge rebrands to Travala and announces airdrop has rebranded to and is also changing its ticker symbol from CGE to AVA. A token swap will redistribute AVA tokens on a 1:1 ratio. Travala has stated it AVA token will be listed on the Switcheo DEX, Tuesday, May 22, 2018, fulfilling its promise to list the token on an exchange within one month of the token sale close.

Travala will be airdropping 250,000 AVA tokens, equally dispersed to NEO wallets that hold 2,000 or more Switcheo (SWH) tokens. The snapshot for the airdrop will take place at an undisclosed time on Friday, May 18th.

Switcheo AMA, Public Beta v2, and token swap

Ivan Poon, CEO of Switcheo, hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA), which he discussed bringing new users to the platform, competing with centralized exchanges, and support of a stable coin in the NEO ecosystem. Additionally, Switcheo is currently developing firmware updates so that Ledger will be able to support NEO dApps.

Switcheo Public Beta v2 is now available on TestNet. The decentralized exchange (DEX) is focusing on mobile user experience, architecture and infrastructure improvements, data logging improvement, and off-chain redundancy. In anticipation of the update, Switcheo has also made changes to their token. Holders will need to swap the old SWH for the new SWTH. Version 2 MainNet release is scheduled to launch on Friday, May 18.


Spotcoin will be airdropping 400,000 SPOT tokens to individuals who hold the following tokens: EFX, RPX, QLC, and SWH. Citizens and residents of the United States can not participate in the airdrop and participants will need to register for each distribution.

Splyse, the developers of Hash Puppies, airdropped Master Contract Tokens (MCT) to all NEO wallets that have ever held a NEP-5 token, regardless of amount or time held. The MCT tokens have been developed to improve smart contract functionality and bring down cost-barrier to deploying smart contracts requiring storage on NEO. A total of 567,442,000 MCT were distributed to 404,453 NEO addresses.

DeepBrain Chain AI Mining Stations

DeepBrain Chain will be holding a pre-sale for its DeepBrain optimized servers, which will take place in the coming weeks of May 2018. The “DBC AI Mining Stations” come in a handful of packages that vary in output and cost, which must be paid for with DBC tokens.

Ontology governance model

Ontology has announced the Triones Consensus Membership as the governance model for its chain network. The governance system will oversee multiple chains operating on top of Ontology, and utilize an incentive program with an emphasis on fairness. The model will be built around levels of participation, consensus and bookkeeping processes, and reputation evaluations built around ONT ID. This form of governance structure can provide for a diversity of entities to actively participate in real-time.

Trinity gaming partnerships

Trinity has announced partnerships with blockchain-based games HyperDragons, Etheremon, and Decentraland, which will incorporate Trinity’s state channels as scaling solutions for the gaming platforms. Trinity also co-organized a “Non Fungible Token (NFT) and Gaming” event, where participants shared game development experiences, and vision of issues NFT’s might solve in the future.

Loopring AMA

Daniel Wang, Loopring CEO, hosted an AMA this week. Daniel discussed the upcoming LRN token airdrop to LRC (ERC-20) holders, and potential partnerships with DEX’s.

Orbis post-token sale report

Orbis provided an update following their successful token sale, airdrop registration, and bounty program. The update also included information about their new “Orbis for Enterprise” solutions for industry and enterprise, and SMART City application developments for modernizing municipal needs.

Moonlight LX presale

Moonlight, a decentralized workforce platform, announced the launch of their token pre-sale. 50 slots are available, and priority will be given to subscribers of the Moonlight mailing list and entities who can actively contribute to the growth of the project.

Exchange listings

Aphelion (APH) token was listed on KuCoin, paired with BTC, ETH, and NEO.

Community meetings and events

A community meetup will be taking place in São Paulo, Brazil on Tuesday, May 14, with NEO and São Paulo Digital Business Exchange (BOMESP) representatives in attendance. Topics of discussion will include tokenization in the distributed economy, the NEO smart economy, and new opportunities for the development of decentralized applications (dApps).

NEO will be attending the infoShare conference in Gdańsk, Poland on May 22 and 23. infoShare is Central and Eastern Europe’s biggest conference, with attendance expected to exceed 6,000 individuals. Malcolm Lerider will make a presentation on May 22, and NEO will be hosting a workshop on May 23.