Neo Global Development (NGD) hosted NeoFish in the latest English Neo Live event. NeoFish co-founder and gameplay designer, Ying Liu, joined the AMA with NGD blockchain engineer, Longfei Wang, where the pair discussed non-fungible token (NFT) and fungible (FT) token assets, the NeoFish game and NFT in-game economics, the history of the NeoFish projects, next steps, and more.

NGD issued a warning about a scammer soliciting Neo ecosystem community members to download malicious software under the guise of a wallet update. The most recent social engineering scam was conducted via Telegram, where the bad actor was sending direct messages to individuals. In it’s March 3rd announcement, NGD said, “we will never deliver any update via Telegram DM.”

Road to Neo3

Neo News Today (NNT) released a new article in its Road to Neo3 series, which focused on merkle roots, Patricia tries, and simplified payment verification. The article sought to provide more information on Merkle roots and Patricia tries, fundamental components required for state root derivation, and how they can be used for simplified payment verification by light clients.

NNT Catch Up

NNT interviewed Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) principal software engineer, Roman Khimov, for its fortnightly podcast. Topics of conversation included Roman’s background in networking, differences between Neo nodes written in different programming languages, how Neo 2.x development relates to Neo3 development, what Neo SPCC finds interesting about Neo3, and much more.

Neo SPCC recently made its benchmarking tool for Neo blockchain nodes open source, ready for use by developers in the ecosystem. Neo-bench was designed to be agnostic to node implementations and can be used to test performance and help uncover bottlenecks.

Developer Groups

NEXT released its monthly report for February 2020, which highlighted progress achieved on the Android and iOS version of the NeoLine mobile wallet, the NeoLine chrome extension, the NeoTube blockchain explorer, and building a local Neo3 environment for testing.

Additionally, NEXT announced it is distributing KN95 masks, which is part of a monthly giveback program to community members and NeoLine wallet users. NEXT will distribute KN95 masks to participants who download the NeoLine wallet, submit their public address, add the NeoLine customer service WeChat, and repost the Twitter announcement. NEXT drew winners between March 2nd through March 6th.

NeoResearch released research on investigating proofs for Neo’s consensus mechanism, delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT), which explored mathematical programming techniques. The team examined a mixed integer linear programming (MILP) model for failures and attacks on a BFT blockchain protocol.

COZ updated its Neo3 blockchain explorer to include a light mode option. The website also links to Neo3 tools and downloads for users “to start developing on Neo3 and explore its new features and optimizations.”


March 2nd, pubNooks released the results from a recent community survey regarding monthly membership fees that ranged from US $0.80 to US $3.00 per month. It has also launched a new Discord server for community engagement and announced next steps.

March 2nd, Moonlight updated its brand in line with user feedback as part of preparations for the launch of release candidate one. The Moonlight website has also been updated to highlight various platform features, such as how it intends to offer verified digital credentials and professional experience, data control and management, and detailed analytics.

March 2nd, QLC Chain updated its Android and iOS mobile applications, which incorporated a QGas token buyback and burn function.

March 2nd, NeoFish announced premium gift packages that offer unique Neo-based fishbowls and fish with Neo genes for breeding. Players can also earn rewards from the SuperNEO gift packages via three gameplay events: the FOMO mode, lottery mode, and invitation mode. Additionally, users can receive rewards via staking Neo.

March 3rd, TranslateMe announced the release of its French to English API. The API allows for web-based platforms and applications to integrate TranslateMe’s decentralized solution for content translation purposes.

March 3rd, Alchemint released an updated roadmap for 2020, which includes platform improvement benchmarks for interacting with the Neo blockchain, a mobile application, preparation for the Neo3 blockchain, plus other goals.

March 3rd, Novem announced the launch of the public availability of its NNN token, a NEP-5 token backed by physical gold. Alongside the sale of NNN tokens, Novem intends to commence the second round of its NVM public token sale. Though the date has yet to be announced, the second round of the public token sale will only allow contributions be made in NEO or GAS.

March 4th, OKEx launched NEO/USD and NEO/USDT perpetual swap derivatives markets. The NEO/USD perpetual swap is settled in NEO tokens, and the NEO/USDT swap is settled in USDT tokens.

March 4th, 0xRacers integrated support for the Neo blockchain into its 3D racing game, 0xRacers. To celebrate the launch, 0xGames is offering a 50% discount on all Neo-based 0xRacers presale items through April 1st, 2020.

March 6th, Switcheo released the first video in its new series, Switcheo Exposed, where the team discussed crypto markets, decentralized finance (DeFi), interesting token projects, plus more.

March 6th, TranslateMe added support for the Uzbek language to its Telegram Translator MVP. Users can earn TMN tokens by using the application and suggesting grammar and sentence structure corrections.

Token Listings

Switcheo launched SWTH/DAI atomic swaps.

OKEx launched NEO perpetual swap trading.


April 9 – 10: Da Hongfei to speak at IstanBlock 2020 – Instanbul, Turkey.