The NEO Foundation (NF) issued a notice regarding newly unlocked NEO tokens, where it noted the movement of 5,538,832 NEO from the locked supply to its unlocked address. These funds, released in line with the distribution process outlined in the NEO whitepaper, are to be used for the long-term support of the NEO ecosystem. The funds were moved on May 23rd.

While these unlocked funds can now be considered part of circulating supply, NF has reaffirmed that they will not be sold on exchanges. Funds are reserved to support the development of the NEO ecosystem and the growth of the community.

The NF announced that MatPool, a “transparent mining pool platform from established Chinese blockchain media outlet 8BTC,” was voted in as a consensus node on the NEO TestNet. MatPool is led by CTO and former Facebook engineer Lei Jin, along with COO and BTC8 partner Zongchen Li. The addition of MatPool takes the number of entities hosting nodes on the NEO TestNet to six with KPN, COZ, Swisscom and NEO Global Development (NGD) hosting a node each, and the NF hosting two.

NGD hosted NEO JOY 2019 in Shanghai on Saturday, May 25th. The theme of the half-day event was NEO Blockchain Games and speakers included:

  • Sharlyne Lee, senior manager of NGD marketing
  • Yongxin Liu, co-founder of NewEconoLabs (NEL)
  • Master, founder of Cardmaker
  • Chaoyi Qian, founding partner of DGameMaker Games
  • Edison, co-founder of NEO-NEXT
  • Rudy Rong, founder of Magic Cube
  • Yiyi, co-founder of MixMarvel

NGD announced it is seeking to hire a Technical Lead to manage software engineering in its Shanghai office. The position will involve working with NEO founders Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang in the Shanghai office. Further, the job will include building and leading a software engineering team of “30 to 50” people, while also coordinating with marketing and ecosystem growth teams. The tech lead will also liaison between NEO core developers and NEO community developers.

NGD Ecosystem Growth director, Lili Zhao, was invited to join a panel discussing the future of crypto assets by the Swiss National Bank. The SNB-CIF “Conference on Cryptoassets and Financial Innovation” will be held at the Swiss National Bank in Zurich on May 31st. The conference has been organized as a collaborative effort between members of the Swiss Nation Bank and the University of Basel’s Center for Innovative Finance.

NGD published meeting minutes from the fifth Digital Asset Alliance roundtable. The roundtable was comprised of Harvey Xu (Alchemint), Christoph Klocker (Novem), Sebastien Hess (Alprockz Ltd), and Lili Zhao and Sarah Song (NGD). In the meeting the group discussed stablecoins with various collateral methods, Swiss-based regulations regarding stablecoins, and challenges and opportunities in the stablecoin market, among other topics.

Developer Groups

NEO•ONE announced the second event in its workshop series will take place on Tuesday, June 4th at the central branch of the Seattle Public Library. The series aims to walk attendees through the development process for a NEO-based dice dApp using NEO•ONE.

The first workshop introduced participants to the NEO blockchain and smart contract development. Work also began on the development of a NEO dice contract, starting with deposit functionality. The second workshop will pick up where the first event left off, with the addition of the house bet and reveal phases of the dice contract.


May 20th, TranslateMe announced an initial exchange offering (IEO) for its TMN token that will run from May 22nd through June 18th on the Probit exchange. Investors can participate in four rounds of fundraising with each round having a bonus structure offering investors additional tokens. The bonuses will gradually reduce in quantity the longer the IEO continues.

May 21st, Jarvis+ announced a free two-month trial for Grouplus, an artificial intelligence (AI) community management bot. While the bot has compatibility with chat platforms such as QQ, WeChat, Discord, and Skype, the free trial is only applicable to the Telegram application. The free trial version offers support to help grow and research social media community groups.

May 21st, NEO announced blockchain game Horse Saga will incorporate the NEO blockchain into its gaming processes. NEO will be used as the sole token in a unique NEO version of the game, which will be hosted on multiple blockchains. The game is tentatively scheduled to launch Monday, June 3rd.

May 22nd, QLC Chain released a step-by-step guide on how to stake NEP-5 QLC tokens to receive Go-QLC (MainNet) QGAS tokens. QLC staking is tentatively scheduled to begin on Tuesday, May 28th, which will generate QGAS via the Go-QLC Wallet. QLC Chain noted that users should not send their NEP-5 QLC tokens to the QLC Chain Wallet. Instead, users should generate or import a NEP-5 wallet, then bind the two wallets addresses in the QLC Chain Wallet.

May 22nd, the Red Pulse token was integrated into the Binance non-custodial exchange. RPX (NEP-5) tokens held on Binance were swapped 1:1 to Binance’s BEP-2 protocol with the PHB ticker symbol. Binance now offers Red Pulse trading in the following markets: PHB/BNB, PHB/BTC, PHB/USDC, PHB/TUSD, and PHB/PAX.

May 23rd, Switcheo paused trading services for scheduled maintenance to prepare for the launch of EOS trading. The following day, Switcheo announced atomic swap markets for NEO/ETH and SDUSD/DAI.

May 23rd, Nash released its quarterly report, covering Q1 milestones, progress, and additional details about its MVP development. During Q1, the Nash team focused mainly on user experience and acquisition but also claims to have made significant backend progress.

May 23rd, NEO Colorado held its sixth meetup and co-hosted a fireside chat alongside EOS Denver and Ethereum Denver, which was moderated by Denver Blockchain. At the event, panelists shared their experiences in the NEO, Ethereum, and EOS ecosystems, and highlighted similarities and differences between the public blockchains.

May 25th, Magic Cube announced a series of events to promote awareness of its gaming and entertainment ecosystem platform. Activities include two AMAs and a live online game show that offers participants a chance to win token prizes or access to an exclusive IEO.


June 4th: NEO-ONE workshop – Seattle, US.

June 18th: NEO Colorado/NEO-ONE workshop – Denver, US.