Neo Global Monthly Report - General

March-April 2024

Neo Global Monthly Report - General


To maintain the continuity of events and updates from the past two months, we have combined the March and April General Monthly Reports. This report provides insights into Neo’s progress in market expansion, technical achievements, industry collaborations, and more, all in preparation for the successful launch of the Neo X MainNet.



Neo N3 & Neo X

Neo N3 wallet addresses surpass 100,000 milestone

According to, as of March 29, the number of wallet addresses on the Neo N3 network has exceeded 100,000. nDapp is a dApp discovery and analytics platform for the Neo blockchain.

Neo finalizes the NEP-24 NFT Royalty Standard

NEP-24 is a global standard for retrieving royalty payment information for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), facilitating royalty payments across all NFT marketplaces in the Neo ecosystem. The standard was proposed by two developers in the Neo community and accepted by the Core Developer team on April 19. Learn more about the details here.

Neo X Beta TestNet launches

On April 22, Neo X Beta TestNet was unveiled, introducing new features such as governance, consensus node election and reward distribution, alongside a native bridge from Neo X to Neo N3. Additionally, details regarding the utilization of GAS token for governance on Neo X have been revealed. Read this article for more information.

To further share the progress on the Neo X TestNet and provide a teaser of what the roadmap will entail, several developers currently involved in Neo X development convened for a Space chat. You can listen to the full discussion here.

NEO perpetual futures available on Kraken Pro

On April 25th, trading of NEO perpetual futures started on Kraken Pro, offering up to 20 times leverage.

Neo’s research paper on Random Number Generation accepted by DSN

A collaborative research paper on Random Number Generation, authored by multiple members in the Neo’s developer community, was accepted by DSN, a prestigious networking and security conference. The paper will be presented at the 54th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks in Brisbane, Australia, scheduled for June. The proposed approach outlined in the paper will benefit all blockchains utilizing the BFT consensus mechanism, including Neo N3 and the upcoming Neo X.

Neo welcomes new Core Developers

After making significant and continuous contributions to the Neo ecosystem, Anna Shaleva, Software Engineer at Neo SPCC, and vang1ong7ang, Researcher at Lazynode, officially joined the ranks of Core Developers. They now stand among the other six developers tasked with managing and evolving the Neo core codebase, as well as being deeply involved in Neo’s technical and engineering decisions. For more details about their backgrounds and the Neo Core Developers team, please visit here.

Neo opens Japanese social channels to serve Japanese users

To cater to the surging demand of the Japanese market towards the Web3 industry, Neo has opened several Japanese-speaking social media channels to better serve our Japanese community. They are:

X (Twitter):






Fansland, Fame AI, and Bewater

Neo partners with Fansland to spearhead Web3 mass adoption in the entertainment industry

Neo has partnered with Fansland, a fan economy platform powered by Web3 and AI, to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in the entertainment industry. The partnership was unveiled with a Web3 music festival in Bangkok, Thailand, featuring renowned artists and partners from both the entertainment and Web3 industries. In the future, the partnership will explore minting tickets on the Neo blockchain as NFTs.

Neo embraces AI marketing in partnership with Fame AI

Following the formation of our partnership, Neo and Fame AI have jointly rolled out the AI-generated Brand Ambassador of Neo, @0xNaeomi, on X. @0xNaeomi has a personified character that is adventurous, sporty, and a crypto enthusiast. This initiative is an exploration of how AI-generated strategies and content can be applied to Web3 marketing.

Neo supports AI X Crypto Hackathon

Bewater, the Web3 hackathon and venture studio, ran an “AI & Crypto” themed hackathon, boasting a $60,000 prize pool and the potential for $2 million in investments. As a sponsor, Neo actively supported the event, participating as panel discussion speakers and judges. The objective was to pinpoint promising early-stage projects and integrate them into the Neo X ecosystem, potentially offering investment opportunities as well.



Web3 Festival Hong Kong, Paris Blockchain Week, and more

Neo at WOW Summit Hong Kong

On March 26, John Wang, Head of Neo Ecosystem Growth, participated in a panel discussion at WOW Summit Hong Kong, joining esteemed speakers to discuss the topic “Capitalizing on Crypto: Investing in a Post-BTC ETF World.”

Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program meet-up in Seoul

On March 27, to support the eight projects participating in the “Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program” co-initiated by Neo and Web3Labs, a meet-up was organized in Seoul for resource and idea exchange with local market players.

Neo visits Hong Kong Web3.0 Spring Summit as a strategic partner

On April 4, Neo attended the “Hong Kong Web3.0 Spring Summit” as one of the event’s strategic partners. John Wang joined a panel discussion with industry leaders and shared insights on how public chains can unite to forge a Web3 ecosystem in Asia.

Neo at Web3 Festival Hong Kong as a Platinum Sponsor

From April 6 to April 9, Neo had a prominent presence at the Web3 Festival Hong Kong as one of the Platinum Sponsors. We set up a booth to engage with event attendees, fostering discussions on future synergies in development within Hong Kong and introducing our EVM-compatible MEV-resistant sidechain, Neo X.

One of our activations involved a boxing machine, symbolizing Neo X’s determination to combat toxic MEV. This activation received a warm reception among conference attendees, sparking social media engagement and initiating conversations that could lead to future collaborations.

Neo’s Founder, Da Hongfei, delivered a keynote speech on sub-stage 3, sharing his recent contemplations about Layer 1 blockchains and offering insights into the industry’s future. A recap of his main ideas can be found in this thread.

During the event, Duncan Chiu Tat-kun, Member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, visited Neo’s booth. This acquaintance originated from Neo’s APAC Hackathon Finale last October and has since developed into a valuable relationship. Neo highly values its connections with Web3-supporting officials and aims to play a significant role in the Web3 revolution in Hong Kong.

Neo at Paris Blockchain Week

Following a series of successful events in Hong Kong, the Neo team traveled to Paris to engage with Web3 enthusiasts in the West from April 9 to 11.

This time, an activation featuring Non-Fungible Items powered by ITEM Systems, a collaboration between AxLabs and COZ, two developer communities within Neo’s ecosystem, captivated attendees by demonstrating how easily they can connect the physical world with on-chain data. Visitors to the Neo booth unleashed their creativity by designing colorful T-shirts and with an on-chain digital twin, making each shirt unique and counterfeit-proof.

Da Hongfei once again delivered a speech on Layer-1 blockchains to the Western audience at the Mona Lisa Stage.



Crypto Hipster Podcast

Da Hongfei on Crypto Hipster podcast discussing combating MEV

Da Hongfei joined Jamil Hasan on the Crypto Hipster podcast to discuss his blockchain journey since 2011, how he founded Neo, and Neo X’s recent endeavor of combating the long-standing problem of MEV. You can listen to the full episode here.



Neo N3

New projects into the ecosystem

To establish a comprehensive ecosystem for Neo X, ecosystem preparation work is being carried out concurrently together with technical development efforts. Here, we list the projects that have joined the Neo X or Neo ecosystem during the Monthly Report period.

Pop Planet:



These announcements mark only the beginnings of new partnerships. More concrete plans on the execution partnerships will be disclosed as time goes on.

Existing ecosystem project updates

Neo News Today compiles weekly reports on the progress of various projects within the Neo ecosystem. The reports cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to product updates, NFT/token releases, airdrops, and other market or community activities. Please see below for the updates on projects within the Neo ecosystem for the month of March and April. (Updates related to Neo, Neo X, Neo Global Development, and new partners will not be mentioned again in the preview list.)


February 26 — March 3: Smart Economy Podcast, COZ, Pixudi, Flamingo, Neo SPCC, Neo News Today.

March 4 — March 10: GrantShares, ITEM Systems, Flamingo, Neo News Today, Pixudi.

March 11 — March 17: ITEM Systems, GrantShares, Pixudi, Forthewin Network, World of Elements, AxLabs, Unlocking the Chain, Flamingo, Neo News Today.

March 18 — March 24: Frank Coin, Flamingo, Neo SPCC, Neo News Today, Pixudi, Forthewin Network.

March 25 — March 31: GrantShares, Quirky Soul College, Flamboyant Flamingos, Frank Coin, ITEM Systems, COZ, Flamingo, Neo SPCC, Neo News Today, AxLabs.


April 1 — April 7: Poly Network, Quirky Soul College, COZ, Flamingo, TOTHEMOON, Pixudi, Frank Coin, The Hongfei, GrantShares, Neo SPCC, Neo News Today.

April 8 — April 14: AxLabs, Frank Coin, Poly Network, Battle Hard, Neo SPCC, Neo News Today, PoP Planet.

April 15 — April 21: Quirky Soul College, Flamingo, Battle Hard, GrantShares, Unlocking the Chain, GhostMarket, Neo SPCC, Neo News Today, TOTHEMOON.

April 22 — April 28: GrantShares, Neobox, Pixudi, Meme2Earn, Carrot Swap, Flamingo, Neo News Today, the Smart Economy Podcast.

April 29 — May 5: nDapp, Pixudi, Neobox, GhostMarket, Carrot Swap, Frank Coin, Meme2Earn, Flamingo, Neo SPCC, the Smart Economy Podcast, Neo News Today.

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