In July, NEO Global Development (NGD) and seven members of City of Zion (CoZ) met at the NEO offices in Shanghai to collaborate on the neo-sharp project through a joint development sprint. NEO News Today published a video that highlighted the trip and the progress that was made during the sprint.

NEO Global Development (NGD) released its monthly report for July of 2018. The report covered the topic of decentralization, NEO 3.0, neo-sharp, and a partnership with CertiK.


City of Zion (CoZ) announced a tutorial writing competition, which calls on the community to create tutorials focused on how to interact with the NEO ecosystem. 10 prizes of 1,350 GAS each will be awarded to the best tutorials covering 8 topics. The competition runs from August 11th until September 14th. Submissions will be made through a process which has yet to be announced.

New Projects

Block Sports, a sports betting decentralized exchange (DEX), has released its whitepaper, website, and announced details of its upcoming token sale. The platform aims to provide private head-to-head betting functionality and formalize real life wagers between two individuals on the NEO blockchain. Registration will not be required to use the platform and users will be able to bet with a wallet that contains GAS. The Block Sports public token sale is tentatively planned to take place in September of 2018.

Singapore-based, Jarvis+ (Jarvis Plus), is in the process of creating a cloud-based artificial intelligence — a decentralized conversation platform — which will function as a bot service, translation engine, and a smart contract creation tool. Jarvis+ foresees a future in which the interface between humans and computers has progressed from using the keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen, to voice interaction. The project’s goal is for “everyone to use conversation interaction to embrace the blockchain and smart economy”.

Reports and Developments

O3 Labs has released an update to it’s mobile wallet that will allow users to trade on the Switcheo Exchange directly through the application. It also includes an updated UI with a robot assistant and more useful marketplace features. The O3 wallet was NEO’s first available mobile wallet, and is available on iOS and Android.

THEKEY attended the Henan’s Provincial Work Conference for Human Resources and Social Security, to demonstrate its identity verification (IDV) product. This annual conference is dedicated to evaluating and promoting human resource, social security and related information technology deployments across the social security system.

Ontology’s founder, Jun Li, recently held a question and answer (Q&A) session with community members. The Q&A write-up was divided into six primary areas of topics: technology; consensus; use cases; ONT, ONG, and the market; ONTO Wallet; and the team.

The F27 development team has released its July 2018 report, which covers its projects Happy Nodes and NEO-Watcher. Happy Nodes had three prominent updates pertaining to database creation, node tracking, and peer-to-peer (p2p) monitoring.


Zeepin announced plans for a single chain and CryptoGalaxy v1.5. Zeepin previously had plans for a dual-chain model, with one consortium blockchain to process business transactions and one public blockchain for token transactions. However, both functions will now be delegated to a single blockchain. Additionally, CryptoGalaxy v1.5 beta has gone live with versions 1.6 and beyond in active development.

Zeepin launched GalaBox crowdfunding and GalaHub selection campaigns. The GalaBox is designed for encrypted, distributed storage of digital assets and files, and acts as one node of the data storage cluster. Although the majority of actual storage is handled using GalaBoxes, the sharding and organization of files are handled by user-operated GalaHubs. The GalaHub acts as a network server that connects different regions of the storage network together. 

Zeepin released its July progress report, which highlights results for the early bird round of GalaBox crowdfunding and the release of its whitepaper.

Tech Updates

Blocksmith launched the alpha version of ChainSentinel, a smart contract monitoring service. ChainSentinel allows users to receive almost real-time smart contract data without needing to run and monitor their own full node.

NEO Name Service (NNS) recently announced the launch of its .neo domain name registration service on TestNet. A tutorial for registration was included with the announcement, which guides users through the process of registering a TestNet domain name.

Ontology officially launched its desktop wallet application, OWallet, which supports individual wallets, shared wallets, and the Ledger hardware wallet. Currently, OWallet is operating its v0.8.1 on both Windows and macOS. OWallet v0.8.1 does not support the NEP-5/MainNet token swap, but the next version is planned to integrate this functionality.

DeepBrain Chain announced its AI Training Net, which seeks to help prepare its AI cloud-based computing services platform while also addressing a conundrum of computing power in the industry. DeepBrain Chain is looking for both requesters to use its network and providers of computing power. Providers can earn DBC for letting their computers form part of a global AI network to power the algorithms and applications.

Aphelion released its web-based NEO wallet, which provides users with the ability to create wallets with encrypted keys; send and receive NEO, GAS and NEP-5 assets; browse recent transactions; claim GAS; and view a NEO portfolio from a mobile browser.


Ryu Coin partnered with game development studios Shock Valor and Realm Games. Ryu Coin is a USA-based project on the NEO blockchain that aims to let players wager on themselves in skill-based video games. The Ryu Coin team plans to publish its Ryu Vault smart contract to the NEO MainNet and hold its token sale in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Project Launches

CryptoGladiators launched on Monday, August 13th. CryptoGladiator is a NEO blockchain based game where players collect gladiators with unique appearances and abilities through market transactions and cloning. 

BizShake released the alpha prototype of its ecosystem for renting real-world assets on the Ontology TestNet. The project aims to allow users to rent and pawn real-world assets in a decentralized, trustless environment. In its current state, the web application enables publishing and sharing of assets in the SmartRent business model.

Token Listings

Hash Puppies Redeemable Hash Token (RHT) was listed on Switcheo.