Neo Global Development launched Round 1 of a new creation contest titled Neospective, designed to drive Neo’s growth and adoption via the wide range of skills and perspectives community members have to offer. Neospective is described as a long-term content collaboration program aiming to enable another way for community members to contribute to the platform. Each round of Neospective will focus on a different type of content. Round 1, with submissions open through Jan. 8, focuses on creative diagram designs. At the conclusion of Round 1, up to 24 submissions will be rewarded, with the first-place prize of US $600 awarded in NEO. Furthermore, Flamingo, GhostMarket, Humswap, and TOTHEMOON are each sponsoring a sub-track to the main-track competition. Participants can compete to earn additional prizes by relating a submission’s theme to one of the above sponsors.

Neo released v3.1.0 of Neo-CLI. The N3 TestNet was upgraded to the new version on Dec. 6, with MainNet to follow after two weeks, assuming no issues are revealed during testing. v3.1.0 is the first to be based on .NET 6, the latest version of the framework with long-term support. Improvements include a new cache for uncompressed ECPoint keys to improve TPS and sync speed, TaskManager optimizations, a diagnostic for the ApplicationEngine, and new WitnessScope functionality.

NGD hosted vEMPIRE CEO Dominic Ryder on the Neo Live AMA series on Tuesday, Dec. 7. vEmpire is a new DAO model that aims to establish a more democratic system while incentivizing staking various tokens through a blend of DeFi and play-to-earn games. In the AMA, Ryder talked about a fair governance model, vEmpire’s model for staking in multiple projects, distributing yield to VEMP stakers, supporting a NEO pool, and the project’s roadmap. The full transcript can be found at

NGD Head of Eco Growth John Wang joined Binance’s official Telegram channel for an AMA. In the AMA, Wang discussed Neo’s unique consensus mechanism, developer tools for multiple languages, migrating to N3, N3’s new features, and Neo’s governance process.

The Metaverse Alliance is offering $420,000 in prize and grant rewards for projects participating in an ongoing hackathon. As part of the “Metathon,” there will be two pools of guaranteed rewards for participants, category-based and grant prizes, and potential incubation support post-event. Neo and the Metaverse Alliance recently announced a partnership, and Neo is supporting the event as a sponsor by contributing to the grant pool.

Neo is hosting Metaverse Alliance co-founder Johanna on a live Discord chat at 2:00 p.m. (UTC) on Monday, Dec. 13. Johanna will share more information about the Metathon hackathon.

Neo was nominated for 2021’s Best Infrastructure award in PANew’s retrospect of 2021 poll. Voting concludes on Dec. 24.

NNT Catch Up

NGD released a video of the DevLog episode featuring Neo SPCC engineer Alexey Vanin. During the live video event, Vanin discussed oracle networks, the NeoFS tutorials released by Neo SPCC, calculating GAS costs for oracle requests, and the NeoFS SDK for Golang. He also gave a Neo-Go workshop.

Developer Groups

Neo SPCC published v0.98.0 of NeoGo, its Go node and SDK. The release features full compatibility with the recent Neo 3.1.0 update, adding new features such as WitnessScope rules, NEP-11 transfer tracking, and a range of other improvements. The team also released an article showcasing the latest benchmark milestones.

AxLabs released the latest version of neow3j, v3.14.0, bringing the toolkit up to date with the latest changes in Neo v3.1.0. The update brings improvement to the test framework, script builder enhancements, and bug fixes.


Dec. 6, Mercurial Apps released a new dApp for trading NFTs and tokens, and a Humswap BOWL tracker. N3 Trader is a decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform that allows users to establish a direct trade for NEP-11 and NEP-17 tokens. The Humswap NFT tracker shows information about Humswap’s newly minted BOWL NFTs. The tracking website monitors the total amount of BOWLs minted, and allows users to sort through the supply according to utility or visual traits.

Dec. 7, Neo Candy began distributing NEP-17 CANDY airdrops through Mercurial App’s N3 Trader. CANDY is a community token designed to reward people for interacting with dApps in the Neo ecosystem. The goal for the token is to strengthen and grow the Neo community through supporting various projects. The Neo Candy team says it will distribute tokens in a free and fair process through airdrops, contests, giveaways, tipbots, competitions, and games. The total supply of CANDY is 9 billion tokens.

Dec. 8, OneGate launched a Neoverse Blind Box giveaway concluding Dec. 15. To enter, participants must tweet a meme including the word or concept “gate” and tag the OneGate Twitter account.

Dec. 8, GhostMarket reduced NFT Neo N3 minting fees on its platform by 50%, from 0.05 GAS to 0.025 GAS.

Dec. 8, NekoHit released the final update to its whitepaper, which details the NekoHit projects, how it solves problems in crowdfunding systems, and the framework of the WCA contract, CAT token, and NEKOIN token.

Dec. 9, TOTHEMOON launched a week of giveaways leading up to the first minting of its Character type NFTs. Each day until Dec. 16, TOTHEMOON is releasing a new Twitter post with a teaser video and selecting a winning entrant from the post threads. Each post requires participants to follow the TOTHEMOON Twitter account, like and retweet the post, and leave a comment tagging two friends with three hashtags. The winners of each giveaway are announced within 24 hours after each post via Twitter and the TOTHEMOON Discord server.

Dec. 9, Forthewin.Network enabled minting for a series of NFTs, FTW Rune, and launched a NEP-17 token generator.

Dec. 9, NeoBurger announced that effective 9:00 a.m. (UTC) on Monday, Dec 13, the fee to withdraw bNEO from the NeoBurger smart contract will be adjusted to 0.001 GAS per NEO, a reduction of 90%.

Dec. 9, Neo Candy concluded its 48-hour CANDY jackpot giveaway on the Mercurial Apps N3 Trader. A total of 50,000 CANDY was distributed, and each jackpot was claimed within a minute of its creation.

Dec. 10, Switcheo Labs released an overview of the fireside chat the team recently held with three of the blockchain’s node validators to share progress and updates with its community. The conversation can be found on the Switcheo YouTube channel.

Dec. 11, Humswap took a snapshot for an Ant NFT, Perpetuity NFT, and CANDY airdrop at 3:00 a.m. (UTC). Ant NFTs are intended to pay homage to Neo’s history and will feature the token symbol ANS as a throwback to Neo’s original Antshares name and token. In addition to each Ant NFT, a corresponding Ant Perpetuity NFT will also be minted and distributed, granting owners 1.5% of all future sales of its linked Ant NFT. These tokens will have the ticker symbol ANC as a reference to GAS’s symbol under Antshares.

Dec. 11, TOTHEMOON concluded polling for the time that Character type NFTs will mint, which shows 8:00 p.m. (UTC) as the winning time with 35.4% of the vote. TOTHEMOON Character type NFTs will begin minting Dec. 16.