The NEO Foundation (NF) announced an impending deadline for NEO public token sale participants that have yet to collect their crowdsale funds. At the time of the announcement, a total of 84,110 NEO sit unclaimed in nearly 65 different wallets. Token claim applications must be submitted by 12:00am (UTC+8) on Thursday, October 17th, 2019.

NEO Global Development (NGD) visited Korea University in Seoul, SK. Evan Hong, NGD Korea Regional Manager, discussed how NGD Korea supports NEO dApps in the Korean market. Additionally, Steven Liu, NGD blockchain engineer, presented on NEOVM and smart contracts on the NEO blockchain.

This past week, Da Hongfei conducted an interview with “Huobi Da Jia Shuo.” In his interview, Da discussed new capital and talent migrating to the blockchain industry, NEO 3.0 modules, and the shift from a centralized internet to a trustless, peer-to-peer network.

Da Hongfei, NGD representatives, and NEO St. Petersburg Competence Center (NEO SPCC) are delivering presentations at Consensus 2019, an event which NEO is also sponsoring. On the 14th, the following representatives are scheduled to speak:

  • Da Hongfei, CEO of NGD and co-founder of NEO
  • Sergei Liubich, co-founder of NEO St Petersburg Competence Center
  • Peter Lin, co-designer of NEO
  • John deVadoss, head of NGD Seattle
  • Longfei Wang, NGD blockchain engineer

NGD released two episodes of LOVE NEO. In episode three, NGD interviewed the chief planner of NEOWorld, Mai Tian. And, in episode four, NGD interviewed the founder of BlaCat, Chen Xi.

NNT Catch Up

COZ co-founder, Tyler Adams, spoke at a NEO Colorado meetup in March, where he discussed his history with COZ, open source development opportunities with COZ, and local impacts of the Colorado Digital Token Act. In total, around ten individuals were in attendance, which allowed for an interactive discussion throughout Adams’ presentation.

NEXT released its monthly report for April, which noted the ongoing development of applications such as the NEOLine wallet and the conclusion of its dApp competition. NEOLine has been released on the Chrome store and includes all typical wallet functionality in addition to a dAPI for dApp developers. NEXT launched its “NEO DAPP Global Blockchain Application Development Challenge” on December 21st, 2018, which recently concluded after four months. 23 teams are reported to have participated, with 6 projects receiving major awards and 10 projects receiving a finalist prize.

Developer Groups

May 10th, O3 Labs launched its blockchain explorer, which allows search functionality for blocks, mempool, and contracts. The explorer also includes a network status monitor.


May 6th, NeoFish completed the airdrop of NFISH tokens to members of its Telegram who held at least one NEO. Additionally, NeoFish held a first round of auctions, with 50 NEO fishbowls and 500 fish with NEO genes available for bidding. The NeoFish auction ended on May 11th.

May 6th, Red Pulse announced a partnership with Changelly, an application that connects users to exchanges as a non-custodial service. The partnership will “soon” allow people to buy and sell PHB through the Changelly application using the Red Pulse platform.

May 6th, nOS was listed on Blockfolio Signal cryptocurrency portfolio tracking application.

May 6th, TranslateMe published its monthly review for April, which included updates on its Telegram translator, instant documentation translation platform, the expected alpha network launch, marketing efforts, and new partnerships.

May 7th, Alphacat released its second bi-monthly report for April, which highlighted new ACAT Store application listings, a new payment functionality on the platform, and improvements to its AI forecasting engine. The ACAT Store now lists 84 unique applications, an increase of four from the month prior.

May 7th, QLC Chain announced it is purportedly the first blockchain company to have joined the O-Ran Alliance, an “innovation-driven group of operators [and] vendors that are committed to optimizing the network infrastructure” and “enhanced service systems.” QLC Chain seeks to develop a solution that conducts “auto billing of different virtual communication resources on the same physical base station.”

May 7th, Jarvis+ maintained its schedule of weekly reports throughout April 2019. Included in the reports were development updates for its two chat application-based bots, the conclusion of a 10-day bounty program, and ongoing community activities.

May 9th, Travala partnered with Litecoin Foundation, which aims to “enable users to save up to 40% on hotel bookings through and Litecoin’s LoafWallet.”

May 9th, QLC Chain’s encrypted messaging application, Confidant, launched on Google Play and Apple Store.

May 9th, Red Pulse migrated a portion of the project’s tokens to the Binance chain.

May 10th, TranslateMe announced it will conduct an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), as well as offer a 20% airdrop bonus to wallets that hold 20k TMN tokens or more.

May 10th, Switcheo announced it is “launching on the EOS blockchain very soon” to join NEO and Ethereum trading on the non-custodial exchange. Initial trading on the EOS blockchain is only available to an initial batch of beta testers during a two-hour window. The testing period tentatively runs from 10:00am (UTC+8) to 12:00pm (UTC+8) on Tuesday, May 14th.

Token Listings

NEO listed on CoinDeal.


May 14th: Da Hongfei, NGD, NEO SPCC- Consensus 2019

May 23rd: NEO Colorado – Denver.