Developer Groups

NewEconoLabs (NEL) announced the NEO Game Incentive Plan, which is a supplement to the NEO Blockchain Game Competition that opened in May and is running until August 15th. The competition calls for developers to build games on the NEO blockchain for a chance to share in ¥3,500,000 worth of GAS prizes, and has already attracted more than 100 participants.

White Papers

Victor released the technical version of its white paper, and states a commercial version is on the way. Victor is a decentralized shopping platform that was first unveiled at the NEO ❤ Amsterdam event on April 14th of 2018. The technical white paper summarizes the problems and opportunities of e-commerce, along with Victor’s proposed solution. Victor is a free service for both consumers and merchants with a paid upgrade component. The development team is working towards releasing its MVP before it will announce its first funding round.

Notable Advisors

Moonlight announced former president of Forbes China, Melvyn Goh, has joined the project as a strategic adviser. Prior to Forbes China, Goh served as president of Mindshare China, servicing clients such as IBM, Rolex and L’Oreal, among many others. His work at Mindshare earned him the Agency Head of the Year for Greater China, awarded by Campaign Asia in 2011. On his new role, Goh stated: “I am delighted to join Moonlight. I particularly like Moonlight’s mission to address fraudulent and grossly exaggerated resumes. I hope with my understanding of market development and consumer adoption, I can help accelerate this process.”

Updates and Developments

Imusify published a recap of its tour in Japan. The NEO blockchain-based music platform toured with Switcheo, NEO’s first decentralized exchange, and O3 Labs, one of NEO’s leading wallets, from June 23rd to July 3rd and spoke at events in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.

QLC Chain released its bi-weekly report, which highlighted project developments, events attended, and community outreach.

Red Pulse launched PHOENIX, its knowledge sharing platform at an event in Seoul, South Korea on Saturday the 21st. The new platform will include an upgraded token smart contract that will see the RPX token depreciated and swapped to the new PHX token. Users were told they’d be able to register and use the PHOENIX platform within a few days after the launch.

Travala launched its V2 Alpha update, with new features implemented to enhance the user experience. In addition to platform updates, Travala has added thousands of new hotels that can be instantly booked, though listings are currently exclusive to Vietnam.

nOS posted its public sale registration information and pre-sale application deadline. nOS is aiming to host its public token sale in Quarter 3 of 2018. Pre-sale access will be granted to developers who publish nOS dApps, contribute to the nOS Codebase, or participated in the UI Design Competition. Participants interested in developing a decentralized application (dApp) on the nOS platform will have until 23:59 on Tuesday, July 31st (GMT +2) to submit their project for access to the pre-sale.


AlphaCat partnered with SecureForest, a group of cybersecurity experts who have decades of experience helping multinational enterprises, government offices, and innovative startups to secure their operations. Through this partnership, Alphacat and SecureForest seek to employ a complementary dataset that will enhance the prediction-based security tools and risk management services offered on Alphacat’s marketplace.

Red Pulse partnered with TalentSnap, a “decentralized hiring ecosystem, whereby employers and candidates can connect directly, eliminate recruitment friction, and focus on fit.” TalentSnap will provide a platform to connect professionals to the Red Pulse expert network. Additionally, CEO and founder, Jonathan Ha will take on an advisory role to the TalentSnap project.

Effect.AI partnered with Quadrant, a blockchain-based protocol that “enables the access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core.” Effect.AI and Quadrant have agreed to provide “high-value location data and services” to the Singaporean Government. The two will coordinate to georeference maps of Singapore using indicators attached as meta-data to the images by Effect Force task-workers.

Ontology partnered with CertiK, an American-based formal verification company for smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems. Through the partnership, the two will cooperate to “detect security vulnerabilities of open-source code through deep specification technology and ensure the security and reliability of smart contracts before their release.”

Switcheo partnered with Ledger, and recently integrated Ledger functionality into its exchange. Switcheo is aiming to become a multi-chain exchange that eventually supports cross-chain trades. The partnership with Ledger will see the Switcheo and Ledger technical teams work together to allow users to trade directly from their hardware wallets when this vision is realized.

Tech Updates

Trinity officially launched its Wallet App on July 14th. Trinity has released an iOS and Android version of the Wallet App. The Android version is available for download from the Trinity website, whilst the iOS version is currently awaiting approval from the Apple App Store.

Ontology announced its final round of applicants for the Triones Consensus Node candidacy. Seven new applicants were accepted. Additionally, the top three candidates from the seven regional categories had been officially recruited to host nodes.

Switcheo announced the launch of its exchange API. The API will enable developers to pull information from the exchange, such as historical data and statistics, as well as execute functions that require authentication such as: trades, offers, deposits and withdrawals. Switcheo is also holding a API development competition with 1,000,000 SWTH up for grabs.

Moonlight has introduced its Asteroid Load Balancer. Asteroid Load Balancer simplifies the process for light applications connecting to public nodes, whilst helping maintain the uptime of the node ecosystem.