Da Hongfei was interviewed on CNNMoney Switzerland, where he discussed the NEO Council’s reorganization into the NEO Foundation, the potential of locating some of NEO’s business in Switzerland, his positive outlook on regulations, and some technological progress the blockchain has made.

An official statement was released with regards to NEO’s structural reorganization. The NEO Foundation will have three subsidiary branches: NEO Global Development (NGD), NEO Global Capital (NGC), and Open Blockchain Foundation (OBF).

NEO Foundation and Ontology Foundation have created into a Joint Task Force. The joint task force will receive funding for the next six months to work on API standardization, a shared smart contract ecosystem, building open standards for smart contracts, and cross-chain technology innovation.


Neon Exchange (NEX) was featured on CNBC’s “The Advancements”, hosted by Ted Danson. The segment interviewed Nathaniel Walpole (NEX), Darius Rugevicius (Connect Capital), Luciano Engel (NEX), Thomas Saunders (NEX), Ethan Fast (CoZ), and Fabio C. Canesin (CoZ).

Developer Groups Updates

Tyler Adams, Moonlight Co-Founder, held an AMA on WolfCrypto’s Telegram channel. Tyler discussed the Moonlight platform, blockchain, identity, securities, partnerships, and development teams roadmap.

Reports and Updates

DeepBrain Chain artificial intelligence (AI) mining machines are now available for preorder. Five types of mining machines are available from 2 GPU to 128 GPU configurations.

Zeepin announced the Community Contribution Program, which is a month-long bounty program for community members to create and distribute content to earn ZPT tokens as a reward. Additionally, the team announced plans to  visit 4 countries, 4 cities in China and host a Zeepin DevCon. Zeepin is also recruiting ZeeRights closed-beta testers.

Alphacat will provide one month of free access to its Bitcoin forecasting service to individuals who hold 100,000 or more ACAT tokens. Applications for the free month of service are due May 31.

Alchemint released an updated on the progress of their web wallet, cross-chain program, event attendance, marketing efforts, and partnership with Switcheo.


Quarteria announced a partnership with Gagapay. That the real estate platform will be able to provide mobile and prepaid card payments via Gagapay, as a payment service.

PeerAtlas partnered with iScientia, a Belgium-based point-of-care clinical support provider with 20 years of experience. The partnership will have a primary focus on collecting patients data through electronic medical records.

DeepBrain Chain formed a strategic co-operation with BeeNews, a value discovery platforms for blockchain and digital currencies. DeepBrain Chain will develop an AI deep learning algorithm to enhance the BeeNews user experience.

Tech Updates

Effect.AI, a decentralized AI platform, has opened pre-registration for Effect Force and will accept new registrants until May 31. Effect Force is mechanical turk (M-turk) platform that will connect developers to paid contributors through a scalable, decentralized workforce.

Zeepin will launch the open beta version of the ZeeRights application in late May. ZeeRights aims to provide creative assets digitization, copyright registration, and a copyright transaction platform to protect intellectual property of creators.

Zeepin has also released the CryptoGalaxy version 1.4 update, which includes new planets, galabots, and gems to be mined. In addition to the new features, Zeepin has also developed an exchange where users can trade their gems for GALA, the games utility token.

nOS released create-nos-dapp, which is a one-step method for building the framework for nOS powered applications. Those who develop on the nOS platform will be granted exclusive pre-sale access to the upcoming token sale.

Exchange Listings

Travala’s AVA token listed on Switcheo.

New Kind of Network’s NKN token listed on Switcheo.

Phantasma’s SOUL token listed on Switcheo.

Alphacat’s ACAT token listen on HitBTC and Switcheo.

Trinity’s ERC-20 TNC token listed on BCEX.