NEO Global Development (NGD) launched CNEO and upgraded the CGAS contract on MainNet. CNEO and CGAS are NEP-5-compliant contract assets which can be exchanged 1:1 with NEO and GAS, which are global assets. NGD also released a Medium post to help the community understand CNEO and CGAS uses.

NGD have announced the first “Nominee Awards” for the NEO Creative Design competition. The Nominee Awards recognize quality submissions in both the website and icon design tracks of the challenge to encourage further participation. Winners receive 1,000 RMB in GAS equivalent.

NGD general manager, Johnson Zhao, will attend a NEO Meetup in Helsinki, Finland on Tuesday, October 2nd. Johnson, as well as representatives from Whalelend and Digital Rennaisance, will make presentations, with special announcements, drinks, and networking to follow.

Developer Groups

City of Zion (CoZ) released neo-python v0.8.0. Various updates were made including: implementation of sendtoaddress RPC method #556, fixes to storage issues between smart contract invocations, updates to the seed list to include NGD nodes and many other fixes and feature updates.

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released its second bi-weekly report for September. The report details participation in the NEL developer incentive program, progress in educational initiatives, various core development updates, and progress on the BlaCat and CryptoGladiator projects.


The NEO Black Sea Assembly and Hackathon was held beginning on September 28th in Tbilisi, Georgia. The Assembly saw industry experts, academics, businesses and policymakers meet “to explore opportunities and develop blockchain technology infrastructure for the smart economy.” Johnson Zhao spoke at the event, which was organised by the NEO Black Sea Community, Spotcoin, and Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency. The hackathon, which called on developers to search for solutions to Georgian government problems, concluded at 6:00pm local time on September 30th.

nOS has released the first version of its whitepaper. The whitepaper highlights key points of information and services about the nOS platform, as well as provides details about the upcoming NOS token generation event (TGE). 

nOS opened its whitelist registration on September 28th, which will remain open until 20:00 (GMT +2) on Friday, October 5th, 2018. The application process will be conducted through a lottery system, where 15,000 public sale applicants will be randomly selected to participate.

Neon Exchange (NEX) and nOS have announced an exclusive partnership that will see NEX integrate nOS “exclusively as the only third party platform to officially feature NEX Suite, outside of NEX’s own solutions” and the nOS Client integrate NEX “exclusively as its only official native third-party exchange dashboard.”

NEX and Phantasma Chain have formed a partnership, which will allow Phantasma platform users the opportunity to pay for its products and services with non-SOUL token cryptocurrencies like NEO, BTC, and ETH. Official coin pairings will be announced at a later date.

Phantasma Chain partnered with Bluzelle in an effort to create an optimal ecosystem for application development. Phantasma believes Bluzelle’s decentralized data storage solutions will provide developers with the much-needed ability to store and manage dynamic data.

Zeepin launched its MainNet at the end of August, and has since mapped its NEP-5 ZPT to MainNet ZPT tokens.  Zeepin’s ZeeWallet has been updated to allow users to complete the token swap. Zeepin stresses users should not make transactions between NEO wallets and the ZeeWallet.

Zeepin has also released an article further describing the passive distribution of GALA to ZPT token holders on its MainNet.

Trinity has released two articles in its Q&A series, which address node set-up and restrictions, and the need for scaling. Trinity addressed the cost of setting up a node, and believes its node hosts will be able to recover the cost with channel fees. Trinity continues its state channel development to serve the needs of micropayments and the Internet of Things (IoT) industries.

Switcheo Exchange released a preview of its upcoming Callisto update, which will provide a slew of user interface (UI) improvements. Callisto was originally slated to release in September, but Switcheo CEO Ivan Poon stated its release will be delayed as the original scope-of-work has expanded. Additionally, Switcheo will build its own specialized blockchain with a native token, which it finds necessary for operating a truly decentralized and trustless cross-chain exchange.

Switcheo has also published its Quarter 3 round-up, which includes updates pertaining to the V1/V1.5 smart contract token balances, a SWTH token usage report, trading fee changes, and the addition of a new team member in a senior marketing role.

O3 Labs opened registration for beta testers of its native, in-wallet trading.  An update to the O3 Wallet will allow users to trade using Switcheo’s order book through a new user interface (UI).

Red Pulse published a project development update, which states the information sharing platform is nearly ready to be opened for readers and contributors to participate. Key developments include wallet improvements, and a transaction verification system for NEO blockchain integration.

Bridge Protocol previewed its Identity Management System and had its TOLL token listed on HitBTC. Bridge released a video displaying the Bridge extension for Google Chrome as it is used to create a Bridge Passport. The Bridge Passport seeks to tie a verified ID to a public address on the NEO blockchain.

For The Win (FTW) announced the NEO TestNet launch of FTXChange, its new trustless over-the-counter (OTC) trading smart contract. FTW has also announced that a 1:1 token swap from the FTW token to the FTX token will take place on the NEO MainNet in October. Additionally, FTW has decided to burn 49,000,000 tokens, comprising 49% of its total supply.

APEX Network released APEX Wallet v0.9.2, which now features Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard integration. Other features under development include a master keystore file for multiple NEP-5 and ERC-20 accounts, interactive rewards redemption, and enterprise-level permission management.

Narrative announced a new incentive structure entitled “the Electorate.” The Electorate will reward participants for voting on various decisions that will shape its member-controlled ecosystem. There will be 4 tiers users can stake NRVE tokens to receive larger multipliers of rewards distributed. The Electorate will be allocated 4% of Narrative’s total rewards pool.

DeepBrain Chain announced a subsidy program to make its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training Network more accessible to institutions and support the development of the AI industry.  The subsidy amount is the equivalent of USD $110 per month for each 1080TI and above GPU used for the network. Subsidies will last for two months, with the first issued after one month of access to the network.

Jarvis+ released its weekly development update, which highlights event attendance, a group quiz game on its Telegram channel, a UEFA-based game added to the chat channel, and the mascot design contest (still underway).

QLC Chain released a progress report, which includes updates about the “Multidimensional Block Lattice Structure” wallet and block explorer, attendance at Consensus: Singapore, and its community governance program.

Travala released a website update with UI improvements, and added 80,000 bookable properties and 18 new countries to its list of property available.

Loopring has announced its first ever trading competition. The competition will reward participants for the highest volume trade, and will be paid in VITE ERC-20 tokens. The trading competition will commence on October 1st at 00:00 and end on October 5th at 23:59 (GMT+8). Loopring aims to payout winners within ten working days of the competition’s conclusion.

Moonlight has added two new director-level designers to its team. Ben Hallowes will serve as the new design director, and James Weybourne will serve as the new user experience (UX) director.

Token Listings

GAS and Ontology Gas (ONG) listed on UPbit.

APEX Network (CPX) listed on LATOKEN.

Upcoming Events

October 2: NEO Meetup in Helsinki, Finland.

October 20: NEO Blockchain Open Course in Shanghai, China.

October 20 & 21: NEO Blockchain Hackathon in Rotterdam and Delft, The Netherlands.

October 27 & 28: NEO Blockchain Hackathon in Berlin, Germany.

November 3 & 4: NEO Blockchain Hackathon in Zürich, Switzerland.